50 things to do!

So as a mum of three young children, I have gazillions of laundry things to do, let’s add another 50! Only this time for fun! 🙂
If you are UK based you can’t have missed the National Trust 50 things to do before you are 11 3/4 challenge. The list of course would work anywhere, so for those of you overseas – get stuck in!
On one hand the list makes me sad. Are we as a nation that domesticated and screen dependant that we need a list of challenges which should be rites of passage for every single child? Sadly the answer is probably yes.
If this challenge can however engage and inspire families to get outside and coax them from the comfort of their sofa, then let’s do this thing!


We’ve had our 50 things scrap books for a while now and being outdoorsy folk the kids took great pleasure in bulk ticking activities off the list straight away. My eldest has completely taken ownership of her scrap book, journaling, drawing and plotting achievements. At a recent event she was offered the chance to have her achievements stamped. She was horrified! This is her personal adventure, she is doing this for fun and not because it is something that is expected of her. Proud Mummy moment right there!

As part of our mud and nettles adventures we will plot our progress in the challenge….(just don’t tell my daughter!) Hopefully along the way we might inspire somebody else to have a go and get out there.
Come join us, the mud is lovely!