Our 50 things adventure continues

Part two 11-20 11.Go on a really long bike ride. Rather embarrassingly It took us a while to get this one. You can read about it here. 12. Make a trail with sticks. So simple but one we haven’t yet done. Shouldn’t be too tricky my children are like magpies only with sticks! 13. Make a mud pie. We can go one better than that. … Continue reading Our 50 things adventure continues

The 50 things we did? The journey so far.

Part one. 1-10 As I’ve mentioned before we are working our way through the 50 things challenge, more accurately my eldest daughter has taken it on with gusto completing the tasks and her logs about them, whilst the others are happy for the fun but without giving a monkeys about the challenge. Here’s a little update as to how we’ve been getting on: 1. Climb … Continue reading The 50 things we did? The journey so far.

Camp Bestival goes wild.

After popping our collective festival cherries last year we couldn’t wait to get back to Camp Bestival this year. We booked our tickets as soon as we returned home last year and spent many months eagerly anticipating the delights which would be on offer this time. We certainly weren’t disappointed. With one of my favourite acts ever headlining I was thrilled and everything else was … Continue reading Camp Bestival goes wild.