Our 50 things adventure continues

Part two 11-20

11.Go on a really long bike ride.
Rather embarrassingly It took us a while to get this one. You can read about it here.

12. Make a trail with sticks.
So simple but one we haven’t yet done. Shouldn’t be too tricky my children are like magpies only with sticks!

13. Make a mud pie.
We can go one better than that. mud soup anyone?

14. Dam a stream.
Our inner hippos may have been released but the inner beavers are still waiting to play. I love the idea of the children doing this but the only local streams I’m aware of are a bit to icky for playing in. This one is needing a bit of research and adding to the agenda for next summer.

15. Play in the snow.
I love snow! Apparently I was born in a snow storm and my Grandma called me her Snow Goose. Sadly our patch of the UK often misses out on the snowy fun. We’ve not had even a flake since January 2013. I even bought new sledges last winter in the hope of some snowy fun. We did however make the most of the 2013 snow. Hurrah for snow angels!


16. Make a daisy chain.
We’d take your daisy chain and raise you daisy braids Rapunzel style!


17. Set up a snail race.
Without a doubt this will be our final challenge to tick off. I’m not feeling inspired to rush out and start racing snails I must admit. Maybe it’s something to do with growing up near Newmarket, the home of racing. I once got very excited when I bumped into Frankie Detorri in Waitrose…maybe if he could get involved…. 😉

18. Create some wild art.
With my early years background this is something we do quite a lot of and hope to share more of. We attended a lovely summer craft session in the school holidays which you can read about here.

19. Play pooh sticks.
Is it possible to walk over a bridge without a quick game of pooh sticks? I think not. Don’t you love how children always throw their sticks? Oh dear, mummy wins! 😉

20. Jump over waves.
It took us a while to get to the coast this year but when we did we really made up for it. Drenched children, no change of clothes followed by a half naked four hour car journey. It’s got to be done though right?


Have you been completing the 50 things to do challenge? How are you getting on?