Talking to myself

*Taps on screen* Hello! Anybody there?

When I first published my very first terrible blog post I expected it to linger in the depths of cyber space unread. I shut down my tablet, went to sleep and thought no more of it. I was shocked when I woke the next morning to see that not only had people read it, some were far too generous and had liked my post and some kind souls had even followed me.

A few months down the line and I have a few more followers *waves hello* and although content is still a bit hit and miss I’m happily sharing my ramblings with anyone who cares to listen read.

My stats are reporting daily traffic, no congestion issues here though. Either my visitors are the strong, silent type or my posts are as dull as ditch water. I suspect it may be the latter! 😉

In the real world I’m fiercely private, something of an introvert. In fact very few people know that I blog. My husband is aware that I blog, to my knowledge he’s not read any of my posts. I’m more than happy with that arrangement!
My eldest daughter knows all about my blog, has given me her blessing on some of my posts and loves to read the appropriate posts. She thinks I’m brilliant! *basks in a glow of admiration* however she’s eight, and biased!

That’s it. Friends don’t know nor family. I guess I’m a little shy about my posts with those who know me. Maybe it’s the anonymity that’s helping me to speak freely?

My children however are featured heavily albeit namelessly in my blog, having all given me the go ahead to use their photos. I guess it’s inevitable that they will be recognised and one day I will be outed as a secret blogger. Duh duh duhhhhh!

For now I’m hiding behind separate Twitter accounts for blogging and private life – hopefully never the twain shall meet!

So for now I’ll carry on chatting away to myself and recording our adventures. If you have stumbled across my page and stuck around long enough to get to the end of this post – give yourself a pat on the back and please do say hi, just don’t tell anybody you’ve seen me here! 😉

Do you blog in secret or are you loud and proud?

7 thoughts on “Talking to myself

  1. I was the same way at first. I didn’t think anyone would care about my thoughts but some people actually do! I let everyone, who claims to be my friend on face book, know that I was blogging to promote what I was doing (food critic) but none of them seemed to bother. So I am very blessed to have random people of the world take in my impeccable nonsense 😛


    1. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment. 🙂
      I like the sound of impeccable nonsense, seems like it’s something we need much more of in the world. 😉


      1. Absolutely! A lot of us pose questions on here to get reply’s. Unfortunately, most think they are rhetorical hence the lack of contact in these cases! And I agree 😀


  2. I’m here and listening. It is a strange thing this blogging isn’t it? Unless you are lucky enough to have thousands of followers and notch up many many hits every day you can be left wondering if there is anyone out there at all as you so rightly suggest. I think that have the problem is that the tendancy is to read an entry, have an emotional or intellectual response in your head but nevr actually take the time to comment. Reading each entry that comes from a blogger can give you a connection to them but the link rarely goes the other way. I have a number of blogs that I read all the time and I feel as if I know these people a little, but they have little or no idea that I exist. I do try to comment on blogs that interest me as I know the feeling of sending out those posts into the ether and not receiving any feedback. I comfort myself that the blog is mainly for me to satisfy a desire to write and also to look back on in the future, if others get something from it then that is great. As for your blog… I am relatively new to following your posts but enjoy them, you have a good writing style that is both down to earth and funny. Hang in there. 🙂


    1. Hi, kind words indeed. 🙂
      I too am guilting of sometimes reading and running on blogs – it’s a funny old game!
      I agree it’s very cathartic to blog, an outlet for the random thoughts inside, as my granny would say ‘better out than in!’.


  3. I always love getting replies on my blog, yet often forget to respond to others’ posts. I guess I’m just used to hitting the little ‘favourite’ star on Twitter, or the ‘like’ thumb on Facebook… Writing a whole comment seems like such work! I’ve only just started following your blog, but I’m looking forward to reading more!


    1. Thanks for reading and leaving that all important comment 🙂
      I’m mostly quite good at commenting on the blogs I follow, hopefully I don’t look like a stalker! 😉


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