Rain doesn’t stop play.

As the saying goes, ‘There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes.’

On the whole I believe that to be absolutely true, a bit of rain never hurt anybody. Except for George Pig.
Cartoon conspiracy to keep children indoors watching TV? hmmm ?….

I’m all for bundling the children outside in their wet weather wear for a good old puddle stomp, they certainly won’t catch a cold from it, they may however if like one of my children whinge a bit! 😉

August bank holiday was a particularly soggy day, by lunchtime the children were climbing the walls, (well the sofa at least and we all know how irritating that is!) so we needed to get out and run off some steam.
Heading to a forest seemed like a sensible plan in the vain hope that the trees might provide some shelter….oh the naïvety!

We headed to an area of the Brecks where we could complete a geocaching trail in the hope that having a focus might keep the children distracted from the fact it was what can only be described as pissing with rain…..again, more naïvety! 😉


Armed with waterproof jackets and welly boots we set off on the trail, the trees did offer a little shelter but more exposed paths were pretty bleak as you can see!

Not long into the trail most of us were pretty damp, as geocaching goes it was quite a half hearted affair. A few novelty cache finds cheered the children along, and there was plenty of running around and smiles. However once you are damp (and then wet) you feel cold. I think even the most hardened Geocacachers would struggle to muster the enthusiasm to search in endless rows of identical trees when cold and wet. (Reads the logs for the trail I’m sure you’ll work out who I am?! An abysmal DNF rate that day!)


So, returning to my opening statement about bad clothes. We fail spectacularly with waterproof trousers, since the children have grown out of puddle suits (*sigh* I loved puddle suits) I’ve never got around to suitable bottom coverage, any recommendations anybody has would be marvellous!

Waterproof jackets, I sort of understand the science behind waterproofing, and appreciate that most garments are going to struggle with prolonged exposure to rain, seams etc etc. I’m a bit miffed as my current waterproof is about my fifth in a couple of years, I never scrimp, but I still have yet to find a well performing jacket.

Footwear was mostly pretty good, while wellies are not the most comfortable footwear of choice they do keep you dry. My son has a pair of rainsplats which give his foot much more flexibility and comfort but the poor lad was soaked by the time we returned to the car.
Waterproof my a*#€!

Still, rain will not be stopping play here, we will still be out and about on adventures, playing and seemingly getting drenched.

What I want to know is what keeps you dry?