All by myself

This week sees our youngest adventurer starting school.
Straight in, full time. Do not pass go. Do not collect £200.

She’s undoubtably ready and thankfully so am I. After working with children for many years, times of such transitions are so familiar to me it’s a natural process. Many nervous parents and children descended on the classroom yesterday morning, the atmosphere so tense I had to remind myself I was not there in a professional capacity and to hold back from consoling weeping parents and their offspring.

I didn’t feel sad, I felt proud of my daughter for facing up to this major life challenge. (I’ll support her accordingly however she transitions.) and excited for the start of her learning journey.

The walk home was a strange affair, walking at a pace of my choosing, not controlling a rowdy rabble and only looking after my own welfare. Just imagine how peaceful it was!
Coming home to an empty house it dawned on me that this was the first time I’ve been alone in eight years. We had the three children in quick succession, three in three years – woah!
So each time one went to school there was always another person (or two!) around who needed taking care of. When the youngest started preschool I headed straight out to work. Sure we have the grandparents for a very occasional babysit, but this is only when we have some very specific, non child friendly event to attend. Never just for the luxury of ‘me’ or ‘us’ time.
So what did I do with all that free time? First it was a cup of hot, frothy cappuccino. Savoured in peace and not the usual grabbing of lukewarm sips. Cheers!
The rest of the day was savouring the mundane and of course blog, blog,blog!
In coming weeks I will be taking time for me, my fitness has taken a hit in the past few months, (but that’s a whole other blog waiting to publish!) So I will be hitting the gym. Job hunting looks like it’s going to be inevitable. Boo! Catching up with friends whilst not on a play date is also something of a priority, essentially reinventing rediscovering me and my role in this next exciting stage of family life.

Yes I am a mummy, but also I’m starting to remember that I am also me.

Hi. Pleased to meet you. I’m Clare. Period.

4 thoughts on “All by myself

    1. Ha ha, sure in a few weeks I’ll be bored. For now though I’m making sure I enjoy every single moment.
      Also means I’m extra pleased to see them when they’ve finished school.


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