Fantastic Finds: Off-piste and in the dark.

The first in the series looking at my favourite finds scattered around the UK. The most sensible place to start would of course be my most favourite cache I have ever found, introducing… Off-piste and in the dark GCZKQ7 Cache type: Multi Area: South West England Difficulty rating: 3.5 Terrain rating: 4 Terrain type: Hillside, off the beaten track, unstable footing Current favourite points: 71 Suitable for … Continue reading Fantastic Finds: Off-piste and in the dark.

Fen Skating

I’m quite fond of winter. Wrapping up warm, big fluffy jumpers, blankets and boots.  Legend has it I was born during a snow storm, prompting my grandmother to swiftly name me her snow goose. Ahh.  With the recent hint at possible snowfall I could only forlornly follow on Instagram as snowy scenes and images of fairly dodgy snowmen were posted whilst our pathetic regional attempt … Continue reading Fen Skating