A wild weekend

A busy weekend of outdoor fun as 30 days wild continues. Too busy playing to blog so just in case anyone is mildly interested here’s what we got up to. Day Three With the kids out at a friend’s house I had the perfect opportunity to escape with the dog for a long walk. To cover a few miles and just appreciate being the only … Continue reading A wild weekend

Day two. All creatures great and small.

Nope I haven’t whizzed over to the American plains, but honestly we really have spent our day Buffalo hunting. The first time I heard about Buffalo roaming the Cambridgeshire fens I really thought someone was pulling my leg. Highland cattle- sure , Wild ponies – absolutely, but Buffalo – surely not?! The greatness that is google however insists that it is true. A herd of … Continue reading Day two. All creatures great and small.

30 Days Wild. Day 3o – We’ve reached the end.

Day 30.  The end of a wild month and it seemed only fitting to celebrate in a wild way. A wild Cocktail made with my own homemade Elderflower cocktail.  Elderflower pinched foraged from the local school and magically transformed into the lush smelling, extra sweet, taste of summer. I could tell you how to make it, but that’s what Google is for. I should share the … Continue reading 30 Days Wild. Day 3o – We’ve reached the end.