Thirty Days Wild. Day 21 – A Father’s Day Walk.

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_21

So my Run through of last week ended with cocktails on the Cam.

No better way to clear your head than a big breakfast and a long walk in the fresh air, oh and copious amounts of coffee of course.

Being Father’s Day it was up to Mr Muddy to choose the day’s events. He’s a fan of a geocaching trail so gave me the brief of a trail and somewhere to buy a tree. OK then!

A quick play with the map, a suitable spot chosen, and with the GPSr loaded we were off.

The team quickly chose a tree,  a cherry tree…..

Blossom! The mini petal thief should hopefully now get her fix at home.

Then off to Kirtling, a trail set through the stunning, gently rolling landscape of rural Cambridgeshire.  A dozen caches and just enough miles to ensure the children are suitably tired at the end of the day.

A typical British Summer day, one moment freezing, the next getting sun burnt. Applying sun cream the only guaranteed way to ensure the sun stays firmly behind the clouds. It can’t be just be us that happens to?

This is the hot new look of the season darlings! Five year old fashionista at play!

With plenty of clear paths to follow through fields, woodland and wildflower meadows there was certainly lots to see and explore. I was however reminded several times as we negotiated muddy spots and patches of nettles how truly appropriately this blog is named. Thankfully the mud not too frequent and the cow pats even less so!

Hmm maybe I should have been a fashion blogger instead…. 😉


The class teddy bear came along for the weekend. We simply had to take it Geocaching right?


The children all keen to explore their new surroundings and I love to see their confidence growing in the great outdoors. Such inquisitive interaction with the world around them.


The Geocaches all easy enough to find and well spaced enough to keep the children moving without too many biscuit stops. All hidden close to the footpath and in interesting spaces for the children to explore such as hollow trees and underneath bridges.  Then something I’ve never seen before, in fact two things I’ve never seen before…

As we skirted a woodland we watched a huge bird looking for something to eat, happily soaring above our heads looking for its next meal. We are pretty sure it was a Red Kite, that distinctive tail on show. Impressive stuff.
The children however much more impressed with the next find, it’s a first for me…

Yep, a wellington boot cache! Amusing enough but I just couldn’t help but imagine all the creepy crawlies within…I kindly let someone else find this one! 😉

Then onto the final find of the day, right by the cache a gruesome discovery. The half eaten remains of a massive hare, dangling precariously above our heads. A snack stop maybe for the Red Kite. I wondered how the children would deal with it.

Children however dealing with such things far better than we expect them to, a smidgen of morbid curiosity and the sensible exclamation of ‘Well it’s the circle of life isn’t it?!’

Thankfully however – bone collectors that they are, they didn’t ask to take this one home!

4 thoughts on “Thirty Days Wild. Day 21 – A Father’s Day Walk.

  1. So cute, I love her outfit. You are very brave taking the class bear with you! I think you’re right about children and death. I’ve just


    1. That’s a lovely post, thanks for sharing. I don’t try to shield them from these things, I had a sheltered upbringing and then when I hit 17 found the world wasn’t all sunshine and lollipops. Striking the balance is tough but I hope to let them lead the way in what they want to see and know. The parenting minefield hey!


  2. I love the whole “circle of life” comment. My kids are learning early on about that with my Hubby being a hunter. It’s hard I find the happy medium. LOVE the boot cache. I may copy it……


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