Thirty Days Wild. Another Wild Week-Day 16- 20

Another week down.

The busiest yet and despite the fact I’m outdoors a lot of the time this really began to feel like a challenge.

There may even have been a mini meltdown as stress levels peaked and I whined to Mr Muddy about the gazillion things I had to do…”AND I STILL NEED TO BE WILD!’

The irony of course is when you find that time to be wild and head outside the other gazillion things start to seem a little less important and you can start to pull yourself together once more. This can’t just be me?

As documented on my Twitter feed, this week has seen a couple of all action bird shots. I caught a Common Tern whizzing past, then later in the week was trumped by my five year old with a cracking shot of a swallow.

Beginners luck clearly.

That or all those silly selfies she takes on my phone are finally paying off…

We’ve also dabbled with wild art using (mostly) wind blown leaves and flowers and I’ll be honest, one of the children is a prolific petal pincher. The attraction of those bright and colourful petals swaying gently in the breeze is just too much. Sorry Gardeners!

I also worry she may be an international jewel thief in the making! Ooh Shiny!

Then came a few days in the city.


A beautiful city.

A full on day of shopping. The pressure of having to get something making it all the more elusive.

Thankfully in Cambridge we have no shortage of beautiful green spaces. Coffee, trees and sunshine. Life is good even if the shopping isn’t.

Oh and my name too…. What do you call a fish with no eyes? Yep, A Fsh!

Well I’m not a fish! Quit with the extra I people! 😉

Then came a Hen party, back to Cambridge and time for messing around on the river.

Punting on the river Cam, beautiful and even the better for cocktails.

Sorry but….

…unless of course you have Facebook!

11 thoughts on “Thirty Days Wild. Another Wild Week-Day 16- 20

    1. You did pop up on my Facebook suggestions a few months ago, I assume through Instagram association. I didn’t dare add you at the time. I love Cambridge. What a fab place to meet and marry in – you have great taste!


      1. How strange! I’ve just tried to find you but can’t, are you hidden? Please feel free to add me, if you want to 🙂


      2. Ha, my friends are all complaining I’m untaggable at the moment and believe I’ve got dark magic at work! No idea where I’ve disappeared to but I’m thrilled! I’ll come and find you…


  1. As usual, beautiful pics and the hens party on the river sounds right up my alley!!!! Glad you are having fun!!

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