30 days wild. Day one – Explore somewhere new! 

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With the children still on half term holidays we wanted to kick off our 30 days wild with a fun adventure.

We love to explore new places and our love of geocaching allows us to do that with ease. 

Never mind sticking a pin in a map, in our house we check the map for a lovely green box to find. (A geocache.)

We honestly would never have found so many of the amazing places we have visited if some awesome person hadn’t placed a Geocache there. 

No idea what I’m on about…Feel free to dig around my blog, you’ll either discover an amazing new hobby or fall asleep – what have you got to lose? 😉

Today’s adventure led us to a spot a few miles from home, a quiet peaceful spot on the outskirts of the city of Ely.

A deserted footpath the children declared ‘Awesome!’ – giant leaves and sticky weed in abundance! Who doesn’t love sticky weed? leading us to who knows where, but hopefully to some lovely treasure.

(Actually the footpath eventually leads to the Cawdle Fen Way, one of my recent walking routes.)


We followed the path to one of the very best types of gates. 

Those gates which stand alone in a spot, no surrounding fence, no posts. 

Just a gate, hanging around solo. I always have to walk through. Only a gate of great importance could be remaining in such circumstances. 

Respect the gate! 😉

Nearby we were to find our treasure. Soon sniffed out by one of the mini Cachers. 

A fantastic hide, tucked away in a fallen tree.


A Geocache filled with lots of lovely treasure for the children to trade. 

Exploring a new place, always exciting!

Who knows what you will find? 

4 thoughts on “30 days wild. Day one – Explore somewhere new! 

  1. This is great and you definitely do discover places only because there is the promise of a little box! Can you help us with which GPS you use? We need one but are a bit flummoxed xx


    1. I use a Garmin Oregon 650. So many GPSrs out there it’s so difficult to choose. I knew I wanted a touch screen so that helped narrow things down a bit for me.
      It took some getting used to, and still now I often use my phone too.
      Also worth tweeting @UKGeocacher, he knows his stuff when it comes to GPS handsets.
      How’s it going? Have you been out caching again? Guessing you are using your phone at the moment…


      1. Thank you for this I will tweet him later. Yes we are using my phone but we keep getting into scrambles and the phone goes for a burton ha! We have almost finished the Wirral Way, she was even keen in the rain last weekend – almost unknown hehe! Thanks again for your help lovely xx


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