Holidays, Hills and Hunger.

School’s out for summer half term and we were off camping again. 

Not wild this time. 

Much more in my comfort zone. 

My fancy floral number that took a whole lot of eye batting and pouting for Mr muddy to agree to. 
Don’t you just love getting your own way?! 😉

With twinkly lights, my comfy chair, power (phew!) and even some seriously dodgy, intermittent wi-fi (I’ll take what I can get!). 

It’s still however blooming cold. 


With the tent up in record time, it’s a speedy little number to erect. (Oh-er!) 

Sensible people might head to the nearest store to stock up on supplies…

…..So we head up the nearest hill to explore. 

The campsite in the Peak District at the base of Kinder Scout (cool huh?), surrounded by trails and footpaths all just begging to be explored. 

My map on my GPSr covered in thousands of lovely green boxes (Geocaches).

Not intending on going too far we set off on one of the closest paths and the nearest cache which could be grabbed enroute. 
A cache hidden within a wall. (Draw your own conclusions I’m not out to annihilate caches, well only the crap ones 😉 )

Mr muddy positioned one side, aghast at the possible nooks and crannies to search. 

The eldest muddling took the other side for an instant find and then proceeded to lecture him about the importance of looking for an out of place stone. 

That’s my girl! 😉

Onwards and upwards.

Being East Anglian there was only one thing to do, there’s a hill – let’s climb it!


With stunning views that had us all oohing and ahhing and hills that had us puffing and panting.

Being a regular gym goer I thought I was fit fairly fit. 

Hill fit? Ha! Apparently not!

Luckily the GPSr was kind enough to show us convenient geocaches rest stops along the way. 
The children seeming not to struggle so much with the physical exertion. 

Bounding ahead with endless enthusiasm , but being unused to such inclines having lost all ability to remain upright. 

The hills were not so much alive with the sound of music, more with cries of ‘Just watch what you are doing with your feet!’ 

We grabbed a few caches as we climbed, all being hidden behind or under stones. Somebody likes rocks. A lot! Nothing special about the hides but well placed and with stunning views.

The usual team muddy, off piste exploring as we went. Or more accurately, falling over all over the place as they did so.

Fields of lambs to be cooed at and discoveries to be made.

The fascinating find of owl pellets.

‘What’s that Mum?’

‘Erm, Owl vomit’

‘Cool! (?) It looks like bones and stuff!’

‘Yep. That’s what it is.’

‘Awesome!’  – starts poking with stick.



The hill eventually scaled, long after we’d tired of caches for the day. 

Climbing to the top for the very reason of it just being there. That’s the spirit guys!

The descent of course much easier, (physically that is – staying upright still an issue!) and as we approach the campsite hunger sets in, hmm maybe the supermarket would have been a good idea after all…

11 thoughts on “Holidays, Hills and Hunger.

    1. It was last week. I gave up with the wi-fi in the end. Took a couple of days for my thumbs to stop twitching with Internet withdrawal! The weather wasn’t too bad, just much colder. It is a cool tent isn’t it!? Even my husband has been convinced it’s awesome as so many people come up to coo at it. Phew! 😉


  1. What’s a hill again? I’ve forgotten 🙂 Looks like you had an amazing time. Even I would consider camping in that beautiful tent 🙂


  2. Such a beautiful area! The not too well hidden geocaches you have encountered are normal out here. Most are hidden in rocks or fallen dead trees. The truly unique find is a rare gem.

    Do your download the geocaches to your GPS or does it know where they are on its own????


    1. Having travelled again this week and found several uninspiring hides again I’m beginning to appreciate how good my local area is. We have some great cachers nearby and some creative hides.
      I download caches. I run a pocket query (or 2) on searching for the nearest 1000 caches to where I’m visiting. It takes seconds to send them across to the GPS. I’m doing better at being organised but it’s still the last thing I do before a trip. I must try harder! 😆

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      1. It’s so hard to choose. Seen any you think you like? Do you want touch screen? Can you try some at an event ….ok, too scary! 😁


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