Geocaching at Chatsworth.

 Having  thoroughly explored the gardens and grounds of Chatsworth estate it was time to think about making tracks. The problem being I wanted a cache find for the day. I was fast approaching 100 days on a streak. (Finding a cache every day for 100 days. To think I was completely normal until I started geocaching…😉) Toying with the idea of a cache and dash … Continue reading Geocaching at Chatsworth.

In which I enter the Devil’s erm..backside!

So last week I was on holiday. If you weren’t aware before you soon will be. 😉 My initial excitement at having found a patch of Wi-Fi soon wore off, there’s only so long you can spend hopping around waving your phone for a whiff of signal and paying for the pleasure.  I won’t lie, it took a few days but my thumbs did eventually … Continue reading In which I enter the Devil’s erm..backside!

Holidays, Hills and Hunger.

School’s out for summer half term and we were off camping again.  Not wild this time.  Much more in my comfort zone.  My fancy floral number that took a whole lot of eye batting and pouting for Mr muddy to agree to.  Don’t you just love getting your own way?! 😉 With twinkly lights, my comfy chair, power (phew!) and even some seriously dodgy, intermittent wi-fi (I’ll … Continue reading Holidays, Hills and Hunger.