Southwold – Sun, Sea, Sand and Virtuals

In typical British weather fashion, Summer hits hard.  All or nothing. I prefer nothing. In the midst of the heat wave I whinge, I whine and I melt.  I’m not cut out for Summer. Born a winter baby, in a snowstorm no less.  Factor in that I produce red haired offspring, my viking origins clearly mean my blood boils far too easily. In more ways … Continue reading Southwold – Sun, Sea, Sand and Virtuals

Geocaching at Chatsworth.

 Having  thoroughly explored the gardens and grounds of Chatsworth estate it was time to think about making tracks. The problem being I wanted a cache find for the day. I was fast approaching 100 days on a streak. (Finding a cache every day for 100 days. To think I was completely normal until I started geocaching…😉) Toying with the idea of a cache and dash … Continue reading Geocaching at Chatsworth.