Mini Hornit Review

My first introduction to the Mini Hornit was at the Family Playtime Event

In a room full of brands this nifty little gadget really stood out. 

My girls were enchanted by the noises it was making and quickly made a beeline (see what I did there…🙈) for the stand. 

The mini Hornit is a fab little accessory that clips to a child’s bike or scooter handlebars and operates as a light and horn.

My girls were instantly smitten. The Mini Hornit going straight to the top of their Christmas lists. (It’s November we can say the C word now right?)

We were offered the chance to try the Mini Hornit for review. My daughter’s eyes nearly popped out of her head.  Of course we’d love to. Besides I think she’d move in with Grandma if I said no.

From the moment Our Hornit arrived it’s been love at first sight, and if I’m honest the source of many a squabble too.  Santa if you are reading this…we’d like a pink and a black one too please. 😉

From the moment it was out of the box the children have been delighted with the many sounds it makes. It’s loud as you would expect from a product geared towards safety so that is definitely a function to save for outdoor use.

It comes loaded with 25 different sound effects. My personal favourite is the General Lee style, Dixie Horn (showing my age there) whilst the children are hugely amused by the fart sound. Mostly pressed at inappropriate moments. Toilet humour never grows old hey?

Other noisy delights are a siren, magic wand, motor bike and even a charging elephant.

The mini Hornit also has multiple light functions. With its 12 Lumens it helps to make sure your child has a more visible presence when out and about. You can also opt for flashing lights or a rather fun, green light too.

The Hornit has flexible wings which attach over the handlebars of your bike or scooter and are an absolute doddle to fit. All of my children were able to attach the mini hornet to their scooters independently within moments. Always handy when they can do things for themselves.

The Mini Hornit also comes with a remote trigger which ensures it can be used without removing your hands from the handlebars whilst cycling.

We took ours to a local track to try out. As you can see we had a great time. The Hornit was robust and stayed firmly in place despite some pretty tough play…which is more than can be said for the children…good job they had helmets on! 

Priced at £14.99 it is in my opinion an absolute steal and a perfect stocking filler.

You can find out more about the Mini Hornit here.

The upfront and honest bit: We were given a Mini Hornit for the purpose of review. Thoughts and opinions are purely our own. This one gets a definite thumbs up from us. 

11 thoughts on “Mini Hornit Review

  1. I’d be tempted to get one to keep at my office…just for the fart sound. Office of mostly guys…toilet humor abounds.

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  2. I so want one of these. Just been listening to the sound effects on the website, I could have done with the police siren twice yesterday on my bike. The elephant would be quite funny on the canal too.

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      1. I can only imagine. This would be one of those things that would get annoying fast and when the batteries die its “broke” lol.

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