Autumn Adventures

I vanished again!

I do apologise, albeit half heartedly.

We’ve been on holiday. A well overdue family break.

A last minute affair, much like sticking a pin in a map only playing roulette with last minute availability.

The gamble paid off. A fantastic break away.

A trip to Somerset. No camping. No worries and no wi-fi. Bliss!

An amazing trip, with some fantastic adventures.

A committed blogger might regularly post on holiday. Sadly I’m not one of those. My commitment is to fun and adventure. The blog a sorry thing without those.

My children returning to school after the half term break full of stories to tell about exploring old mines, climbing Gorges, and taming lions (OK they weremade of rockπŸ˜‰). You can guarentee however they will write in their school diaries that they played minecraft though… *sigh*

Once I’ve waded through the hundreds of photos, the blogging marathon will begin, quite fitting as I’ve just walked a real one. 😊 (You’ll hear all about too.)

Keep your eyes peeled and I’ll soon be sharing an adventure or two. I just hope I can do them justice.

Hang around long enough and you’ll even find out why my husband now endearingly calls me Goat. (I so should have pushed him off Cheddar Gorge when I had a chance…) πŸ˜‰

11 thoughts on “Autumn Adventures

  1. I’m hoping ‘goat’ has something to with hilariously screaming like one and not because you started eating grass and jumpers… Or grew a beard πŸ˜‰

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  2. Oh what a teaser! I was so pumped to read about your trip and it was a teaser! Like a movie preview when you want the real thing! How silly of me to think that you had gotten through all 600 photos already!

    Waiting in anticipation to read about all your fun!!!

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    1. Ha! I’m just a big tease! My husband was equally disappointed when he got his email…and he knows what happens! 😁
      I have a product review post ready to publish but didn’t dare just yet, not until I’ve got the first instalment out at least.
      Ooh the pressure!

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