Autumn Adventures

I love Autumn and adore leaf litter. I find it completely impossible to walk by a pile of leaves without giving them a good old kick. Pleasure you can’t measure!
I remember as a child being giddy with delight throwing leaves in the air with wild abandon. I was made to stop in case there was dog poop in there. I’m pouting right now just thinking about it!

With this in mind I wanted to take the children somewhere they could experience such simple delights without a whiff of dog doo, and I wanted to join in! šŸ˜‰


We ended up at Anglesey Abbey, a local national trust property with extensive grounds which are currently shining in Autumn glory. It didn’t disappoint on the leaf front, after a few windy days the ground was a thick carpet of leaves.


We had a great day exploring, climbing trees, filling pockets with autumn treasures, building dens and frolicking in the leaves.


Get out there and enjoy the leaves while you can. Dog owners help me out here, bag it and bin it. Please! šŸ™‚