Dare I?

I am a wimp. I’m afraid of the dark. I also however believe life should not be lived in your comfort zone, boundaries need to be pushed and life challenges and experiences embraced.

Some of you may have already read about my previous night caching adventures. It was a really fun experience, I was however a bit creeped out and we actually set off at dusk!  It is always of course much easier to pretend to be brave when surrounded by children.

I’ve been torturing myself with keeping my eye on a fairly local night cache which has been disabled for a little while and which was finally reenabled this weekend.

So what’s the big deal? I’ve done one before right?

Well this one has a creepy story attached to it. A tale of a creepy hitch hiker who lives in the woods and abandoned camps. The stuff of horror movies. (Not that I’ve ever seen any – I’m too scared!)

Yes I am a perfectly sane, rational adult, I do realise it is made up nonsense. Does that make me any less scared? Hell no!

Having shown the kids the cache description they have all insisted no way, Jose! So if I do decide to tough it out then a babysitter will be required.

Will I brave it?

Come on Clare step out of your comfort zone!

I’m sure I’ll book a babysitter and give it a go.  Maybe I’ll tuck a machete in my cache pack. Just in case! 😉

4 thoughts on “Dare I?

  1. I’m a bit of a wimp too. I think it comes with being a mum. We have little people who depend on us and so we are more cautious (or wimpish).


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