If you go down to the woods today….

Another week and another exciting new place discovered. Last weekend was mostly crazily busy but we managed to grab a few precious hours together as a family Sunday morning and soon put these to good use. Geocaching crazy daughter wanted to get a few cache finds in and we were looking for a new area to explore. We settled on the nearby town of Mildenhall .
We found a geocaching trail which would allow the kids a good explore and hopefully a couple of easy finds.
We arrived at 12 acre wood and the warren lodge trail seemed to be much like other trails in the brecks which we have followed before, however the kids were clocking up the cache finds and had plenty of space to explore so all was pretty good.

We were soon wandering away from the footpath and wow! So glad we did! Plenty of hidden treasures to be found!

We can’t take credit for the building of the dens but we were more than happy to put them to good use!



Den or work of art? Stunning!


The fallen trees here have weathered beautifully and were perfect for scrambling around on.


Now seems a good time to introduce you to my son. He is the ultimate gadget kid! While the rest of the family all have outdoors and adventure in their blood, this one well he prefers his adventures much more virtual! He would happily spend his days solely playing on a selection of gadgets and can be reluctant at times to leave the house. Obviously that’s not going to happen and so once the initial whines are over, he has a fab time….See:

My point I’m trying to make is that not all children are going to be enthusiastic about outdoor endeavours but a little bribery persuasion works wonders. The geocaching aspects of our exploring certainly helps him to relate to what we are doing and if he starts to tire then I hand him the phone to navigate. Sorted!

Quote of the day has to go to Geocrazy: ‘I’ve found the geocache. Oh, and a leopard. Print. Slug?’ Now there’s a sentence I never thought I’d hear!

She sure did!

This really was such a lovely area and again we discovered an amazing place, near to home that we would otherwise never discovered.

Happy exploring!