Mud and some unexpected fun.

So it’s the height of Summer in England and true to form for the last few days it’s been raining cats and dogs.

The week has been the usual whirlwind of school runs and after school clubs but today offered a little freedom.  With chores to do we popped to the nearby city of Ely to get a few supplies and a chance request from my youngest daughter led to us having a fish and chip picnic down by the river. At this point thankfully the rain had finally stopped.

What else would a Geocacher do mid picnic? Of course! Check the phone for nearby caches! We’ve already found a few in the close proximity including This pesky little blighter. Under the railway bridge, scary stuff when a freight train rumbles over!

Anyway up pops a cache that’s about 400m away. Daughter is kitted out for the weather, I however am dressed for shopping ….it’s got to be done though right?

So off we go following the iPhone compass and map (I use my crappy old IPhone 4S, which I really should upgrade) and after a few confusing changes of footpath we are at last on the right track. We wander into Ely country park which given the conditions is deserted except for the odd dog walker.

Obviously the temptation of an empty play park is just too strong so we stop for a quick play.

image image

Dragging ourselves away we navigate between paved and wood chip pathways, weaving onto smaller and muddier paths with 100m to go it suddenly feels like we are in the middle of nowhere. We reach Ground Zero and reach the likely tree that fits the hint. I’m vertically challenged so lift my girl up to look who declares there to be only a puddle. Damn! We look in all the obvious places and then widen the search, we are now scrambling up banks of what can only be described as the slipperiest mud I’ve ever encountered! Still not having much joy my daughter starts to get a little fed up, honestly I’m surprised she’s made it this far as 90% of the time she is a complete princess. We decide to call it a day and do the DNF (did not find) walk of shame back to the park.

A muddy but scenic walk back and still feeling the sting of the DNF and feeling the need for a little vengeance. I have another cache in Ely which is my absolute nemesis, rude not to have another go while I’m here surely?!
So we head on over to Welcome to Ely, third time lucky surely? Nope! This cache is hidden in a particularly uninspiring area, alongside a major roundabout on the edge of the city. So many potential hiding places, the hint doesn’t help me and to add insult the injury the last find was logged as easy and quick! Argh! I can’t even bring myself to log my DNF such is my aversion to this cache.

So all in all a disappointing day on the Geocache front, but with regards to an impromptu day of fun with my smallest person I couldn’t ask for more; Fish and chip picnics, sliding down muddy banks, puddle jumping and our own private park. Perfect!

!image image

At least I didn’t ruin my favourite boots!


2 thoughts on “Mud and some unexpected fun.

  1. Daughter sounds like a very familiar character…can’t wait for more….

    Now, about that nemisis…I don’t know about the standard hides in your area, but if this was one of mine the first thing that came to mind was ‘guardrail’ – again not that I even know what your guards look like, but we have little loops at the end of ours creating a small hole….anyway, that’s as good as I’ve got – I hope you can knock this one off your list soon – it’s a nice feeling to convert these DNFs


    1. I can’t wait to convert this one! 🙂
      Thanks for reading, not the most exciting caches but I wouldn’t dare do those while my GeoExplorer daughter was at school 😉


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