Getting to know you


Firstly I’m a married mum to 3 lively children, I used to have a name…you know how it is?!

I’m also an early years practitioner, having been so for many years. I currently work part time for a local FE college training the next generation of early years workers. I’m incredibly passionate about positive childhood experiences based on discovery and exploration.


I have a huge passion for fun and adventure, the kind of adventure we can all have easily and without breaking the bank. Ok, and some that do, but you only live once right? I love the great outdoors, freedom and exploring. I don’t watch TV – I have the attention span of a Gnat and would much rather be reading, at the gym or outside somewhere.

I am all too aware life is short and that we should be out there living it to the fullest. This is the very reason why we have no floor in the bathroom as we have booked tickets to Camp Bestival instead. The floor will come one day, we’re too busy out having fun to notice anyway! 😉

We Geocache, this is my secret geeky hobby! We are pretty new to it but so far it has given us some fantastic experiences. My eldest (she’s 7) summed it up beautifully the other day. ‘Geocaching is one big adventure’ I couldn’t ask for more than that….


Based in Cambridgeshire. None of us currently have valid passports, for starters the thought of taking my three abroad brings me out in a cold sweat and secondly I love the UK and all it has to offer. Would however love to take the kids to Disneyland Paris while they are young enough to get in free really enjoy it…what was I saying about the floor?


Why not? I love to read, so to write and share our everyday adventures seems a logical next step.

Hoping to share our adventures as and when and hopefully inspire other families to seize the day.

7 thoughts on “Getting to know you

    1. Hi! Thanks for reading. Geocaching really is great fun, we’ve found some amazing places only a few miles from home that we would never have known about otherwise.


  1. Wonderful! Our lives sound scarily similar….I look forward to enjoying many adventures to come 🙂


    1. Parallel lives on opposite sides of the world hey?
      Hopefully blogging later with today’s very muddy fun, sadly a couple of DNFs though.


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