Here comes Santa Claus

With three children in the muddy household Christmas is a bit full on! The last few weeks have been a whirl of Nativity plays, parties and preparation. With excitement peaking here’s a look back on how we’ve been celebrating Christmas outdoors. I try to make each years trip to see Santa a little different, equally for my sanity as for the children’s enjoyment. This year … Continue reading Here comes Santa Claus

Santa tracking – finding the magic this Christmas.

One of my prevalent Christmas memories of childhood is sitting by the window, for hours on end, wishing with all my might for a glimpse of Santa and his sleigh dashing across the sky. Last year my wish finally came true. It was just as magical as I’d always expected it to be. Warning. If you want your children to sleep on Christmas eve do … Continue reading Santa tracking – finding the magic this Christmas.

An alternative Halloween

Yesterday, Halloween. My youngest woke up in a state, traumatised by the horror of her home. ‘MUM!’ ‘Why haven’t you decorated the house for Halloween?’ Why would I decorate the house for Halloween? Have I missed something here? Clearly an abject failure in parenting! 😉 My son then wakes with great excitement, ‘It’s Halloweeeeeeeeen!’ ‘What costume do I have?’ ‘Err, I thought you might like … Continue reading An alternative Halloween