An alternative Halloween

Yesterday, Halloween. My youngest woke up in a state, traumatised by the horror of her home.
‘MUM!’ ‘Why haven’t you decorated the house for Halloween?’

Why would I decorate the house for Halloween? Have I missed something here? Clearly an abject failure in parenting! πŸ˜‰

My son then wakes with great excitement, ‘It’s Halloweeeeeeeeen!’ ‘What costume do I have?’
‘Err, I thought you might like to choose, let’s go to the shops!’ Good recovery there don’t you think?!

It’s safe to say I suck at Halloween. I just don’t get it. My typical October 31st is sat at home, lights off, pretending to not be home. There are no special chocolates if you knock at my door, I’ve eaten them already! πŸ˜‰

After a quick trip to select a rather tacky fetching werewolf suit, complete with hairy chest and ripped abs. Every child needs those…….. We were good to go.

I had tickets booked for an event at a local nature reserve which would hopefully give the children the Halloween fix they needed whilst getting us outdoors.


We started with a bat quiz which my eldest aced at, she’s a bit of a bat fiend so this was a fantastic start for her. Then we were given the materials to make some lovely bat hangings.

Other activities of the day included outdoor spooky stories, making clay monsters, spider web agility courses, mini beast hunting and several Halloween themed games.

The kids had a blast, got their spooky fix and not a plastic pumpkin in sight. πŸ™‚


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