Fantastic Finds: Bomber Command

The second featured cache of my favourite caching experiences around the UK. Geocaches to hopefully inspire a bit of adventure.

Bomber command: GC21WYM

  • Cache Type: Traditional
  • Area: West Midlands
  • Difficulty rating: 3
  • Terrain rating: 2
  • Terrain type: Off the beaten track. Overgrown pathways and abandoned buildings.
  • Current favourite points: 129
  • Suitable for children: Supervised, yes.
  • Pushchair/wheelchair friendly: No
  • Equipment needed: Torch

Bomber Command is a tradtional cache placed on the now abandoned RAF Tilstock Air field in the wonderfully named Twemlows big wood.

The wood is full of old buildings from the wartime, most of which are open and accessible to explore. There is even an old wartime car in one of the buildings, if you can find it of course – we struggled with that more than actually finding the cache.

If a spot of Urbex (Urban exploration) appeals this cache is placed in a great place to explore. It’s creepy, not without danger and you can’t help but wonder at what the site would have been like in days gone by.

If you like your caches clean and tidy, this probably isn’t the cache for you, but those with a sense of adventure and love of nostalgia should really enjoy it.

If you want to read more about the cache you can read more detail in my account of my visit here. Some spoilers but the cache location isn’t revealed.

4 thoughts on “Fantastic Finds: Bomber Command

  1. I’m really going to have to give this a go one day. I don’t mean this particular geocache, but the whole geocaching thing in general. Could be something to do outdoors with the toddler when he gets a bit older.


    1. You really should. Great for keeping little ones interested outdoors, and then the adventurous ones with the big kids.
      Admittedly I’m a little bit obsessive about the whole thing but mostly because it’s fantastic for helping you explore a new area. So many places I’ve discovered – even locally, that I honestly never would have known about if someone hadn’t placed a cache there. Apologies if I’m sounding like a broken record.

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