Hydro Flask 32 oz. Wide Mouth Review

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a big fan of Hydro Flask and I was recently asked to check out the newly launched wide mouth 32 oz. version of the bottle.

Large enough to keep you hydrated all day long, or for us the perfect size to take along for a family trip to the beach.


With its award-winning flex cap the Hydro Flask claims to keep cold drinks icy cold for 24 hours.

So does it?

I recently collected my Hydro Flask whilst on a trip to London. With instruction to not open it for 24 hours.

Well just call me Pandora…

A peek the second I got home revealed some icy contents.

The flask having been filled with ice some 6 hours previously. At this stage I was impressed to see that the ice was still in great shape.

In fact I’m pretty thrilled – no more lukewarm, campfire vodka for me next time I’m wild camping. Result!


The verdict 24 hours later; well a lot of the ice had of course melted by this point but the water was icy cold with still a surprising amount of visible ice.

It certainly lives up to its claim.



Equally if you want to transport soup or hot drinks the Hydro flask will keep them hot for six hours, the wide mouth making pouring  these an easy task.

The flexible carry strap is a nice addition and the signature bold designs compliment the great performance of the product.

The bottle holds around a litre of water and whilst I don’t use this size as much day to day it is absolutely perfect for family days out or trips away.

The brand has quickly become a firm favourite on my essential kit list and comes highly recommended.

You can find out more about Hydro Flask here.



I was provided with a Hydro Flask for purpose of testing and  an honest review.

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  1. Sounds like something I could use for work when I have to be outside. I remember seeing Hydro Flask products around here somewhere in the past couple of weeks. Now to remember where…

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