10 Reasons why a Christmas Birthday sucks

I have the misfortune to have been born in December. Not just in December but right in the middle of the festive period. I’m always being told ‘How wonderful, How festive, so many presents…and Oh! All those parties!’


It’s time to put the record straight.

1) Nobody really actually cares about your birthday

There’s only one Birthday that matters in December and that belongs to the dude born in a stable.  Otherwise forget it. Nobody remembers, in fact nobody really much cares. Christmas festivities are far too much fun. Birthdays are for the rest of the year.

2) A birthday party is out of the question

After years of failed attempts to get friends together for birthday drinks I’ve finally given up. Friends are either away or far too busy to coordinate a birthday bash.

Your only hope is launch a hostile takeover of an organised Christmas bash…..

….. Which I may have done once! 😁

3) Joint Presents

The. Worst. Thing. Ever!  Would this happen with a Birthday in July?

Of course it wouldn’t. Just stop being tight!

4) Christmas wrapping paper

Fortune smiles on you.

Somebody remembers. amazingly the present isn’t even joint – only it’s wrapped in bloody Christmas paper.

Eurgh! It’s not even ironic.

5) You unwittingly become a bit Scrooge.

It’s not intentional, sure I love Christmas, only I have to get my Birthday out of the way first. Before then I’m totally channeling the Grinch.

Then Boom! IT’S CHRISTMAS!!!

(If you didn’t read that in the style of Noddy Holder give yourself a slap, go back and try again!)

6) Birthday Apathy sets in.

I’m genuinely surprised when friends make such a big deal about their birthday. A weekend away? A holiday? celebrating your Birthday for weeks on end? What is this witchcraft?

7) People are really broke from Christmas overspend

Back to the joint present and no party misery.

8) When Christmas is over it’s a 360 day wait for your next celebration

No more presents for a whole year. Your Birthmas list has to be really creative to keep you going all year.

9) Restaurant bookings are tricky

You are incredibly lucky If the place you want to book isn’t full with Christmas parties. You then finally get a reservation so you can go and eat Christmas dinner. Again.

*Bangs head on the table in frustration*

10) Christmas decorations

Give me balloons and bunting, not tinsel and tack which we all know are for someone else’s birthday anyway.

Stop upstaging me Jesus!

[picture credits someecards]

33 thoughts on “10 Reasons why a Christmas Birthday sucks

  1. I really feel for you – my dad’s birthday was 30th dec. we always made a big fuss (& seperate pressies) – he said no one ever wanted to go out to celebrate because of New Year. Always remember to send Christmas cards to my December birthday friends after their birthdays (after I’ve helped them celebrate πŸ™‚ ) hope you have a lovely birthday. Love bec xx

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    1. Thanks πŸ™‚
      Ooh Dec 30th, another tricky one! Everyone saving themselves for the following evening of course.
      Bravo for being a super friend, believe me, any slight effort with Christmas birthdays really is noticed and appreciated.

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  2. Haha, you already know that we share your pain in our household. I may pinch all the e-card pics and hand them out to all my December peeps. That’s not tight, right?!

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  3. Aww my best pup pals’ mum’s birthday is on boxing day… we try to make sure her birthday present is something just for her and wrapped in birthday paper. Not sure if we always manage that but we do try very hard! Must be awful re the party thing, especially for those nice round numbers..
    Hopefully after this post more of your friends will take note and make your birthday a memorable one, even if it is just for this year!

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    1. The party thing is probably the biggest frustration. I’m a grown up I can cope with the naff joint presents these days with only a minor paddy. πŸ˜‰
      To be honest I’m winning at my Birthday already this year, my parents are having the kids all night. First child free night in nearly 9 1/2 years and my Husband has booked a lovely meal out. πŸ™‚
      What’s the betting Reason 11 kicks in – cold and flu season! Ha!
      Oh and thankfully I’m a few years off a round number. I tried so hard for my 30th and pretty much failed. *cue violin* πŸ˜‰


  4. Oh love, I really feel for you. We have lots of birthdays over Christmas, one if my nephews is on the 26th, nobody ever remembers, I don’t get it. Surely, it’s the easiest, it’s the day after Christmas every year. I have always made the effort to make sure I have the cards and presents, wrapped in birthday paper, are ready. I have always felt for him and now I do for you, it isn’t right xx


    1. Ooh! Boxing Day. That’s harsh! It’s not so bad as an adult, the apathy bit is pretty accurate but as a kid it’s not as much fun as it should be.
      Lisa I can just imagine your presents are wrapped as beautifully as your tree is decorated. You seem to have a flair for the small details that I’m sure helps your Christmas birthday crew feel a little more special. πŸ™‚

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  5. I know how you feel – my birthday is in January when most of the above applies too. Plus everyone is on a diet as they’ve eaten too much so going out for a meal (if they can afford it) is no fun. Oh well, happy birthday to you!


    1. I think in January you could also argue that everyone has the post Christmas blues and that your presents will mostly likely be sale bargains to boot.
      I’ve got a while to go yet, but with all these Christmas preparations it’s certainly whizzing by! πŸ˜‰


  6. I think you have me beat. Valentine’s birthday here. Has its perks but used to be a bit of a drag when I was little. My mom had a thing about making heart-shaped strawberry flavored birthday cakes that somehow always ended up pink instead of red. Would be pretty cool now…but not when you’re 8 or 9 and several of your best buds are over for your birthday party.


    1. Oops! Sent too soon!
      A quiet birthday meal out for your birthday meal, on Valentine’s Day- I can just imagine how that one goes! I feel for you.


      1. It doesn’t. Mrsbream’s birthday is a couple of weeks before mine so we split the difference and go out in between. Works out quite well.


  7. Aww that’s so sad. My brother was born on December 23 so I’m sure he feels your pain 😦 Could you switch to a summer birthday? I can recommend June.


  8. Do you have a ‘special’ birthday coming up? If so, perhaps you could announce that from that year and from then on, your birthday will be on the same day but in May or June and stick to it. What’s six months between friends ! Hope you have a great day this year.


  9. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ all the way through this completely understand your frustration. Blooming December birthdays 😩😩


      1. Now that’s a plan we should have a summer one too if two birthdays are good enough for the queen then they are good enough for us!!

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  10. Oh dear. I love that some people are optimistic enough to see a christmas birthday as a positive…you lay our your case against it very well! Have you considered decalring an official birthday sometime in, I don’t know, March?


  11. I haven’t seen you on this kind of a rant before! Can’t say I blame you. Maybe start celebrating your half birthday instead! πŸ™‚ I have kids that do it at the daycare. I have a friend who celebrates her bday, half bday, and her adoption day. Why the heck not? That’s what I’d do. I love my July bday. But that may have something to do with alwAys being at the lake with my cousins growing up and celebrating with my uncle who has a bday 2 days after mine!

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    1. My tongue is firmly in my cheek. πŸ˜‰
      It sucked growing up but I’m indifferent these days now I’m older and allegedly wiser. πŸ˜‰
      Your friend most definitely has the right idea – good for her!
      A July birthday sounds ace, I think celebrating twice seems to be the ideal solution! πŸ˜€

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      1. No need to end on my account! I Found it humorous and understood your pain at the same time! As for celebrating twice….Why not? If anyone objects just ask…”Well…Am I not worth it? ” Someone would have to be cruel to say no!

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