Sunset Adventures 

Each month I link up with Jonathan from IN Which I as part of a monthly round up of microadventures. 

At the beginning of each month Jonathan tweets me with a theme for the month and being one of those smug outdoors types 😉 I duly nod my head and hook up one of my recent posts in line with the theme. 

The theme for September being Sunrise/Sunset. 

It tied in nicely with an activity I had planned for the children. Perfect with the nights drawing in. A geocaching, bat hunting adventure with a twist.

Then we got busy, a whirl of brownie camp, evenings out and school. The plan on hold.

Reaching the final day of September Jonathan asks for my link for the month. 

Hmm. Big fat fail.

It happens to the best of us at times 😉

Actually it’s a bit pants. 

With a few hours left of September maybe I could squeeze in a micro, microadventure (or should that be a nano adventure!) 

The sunrise boat had clearly sailed but sunset…yeah! We can do this!

Grabbing the bat detectors (I’m an outdoors, gadget geek…of course we have bat detectors!) we head out for an evening stroll.

Living in a rural area we are lucky enough to have wild space virtually on our doorstep.

  A race to get to the riverside in time to see the sun setting and the children were thrilled to get a stay up late pass. 
  I think we got this microadventure challenge thing nailed! 


 With darkness starting to creep in it was time to whip out the bat detectors. Sadly there wasn’t much bat shaped action going on down by the river so we reluctantly head home. 

The children not amused. 

It’s clearly my fault the bats aren’t about.


At the last moment though the detector suddenly comes to life in the glorious clicks and chirps of echolocation. 

A passing Pipistrelle saves the day (and saves me from three grumpy children.).

Come on then October, let’s see what you’ve got.

20 thoughts on “Sunset Adventures 

  1. Ooh we have bats around here too but never thought about a bat detector! Always room for one more gadget… and with Christmas coming up and no ideas, it’s a great idea!

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    1. We love our detectors! We first borrowed some at an event and that was it, we were hooked. Saved us at Christmas last year too, my daughter never knows what she wants!


  2. Great pictures. Nothing like a good chilly looking sunset. Love the second to last one. My mother has a bat detector. Oddly it has never occurred to me to get the children involved in it. Must remedy this.

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  3. Lovely photo’s. Haven’t we just had the best weather this last month? Glad you found a bat in the end.


    1. Yep, they allow you to hear the echolocation that bats use. You can then identify which flavour bat you have found as they emit echolocation at different frequencies and in different patterns. You asleep yet? 😉
      I’ve never been so pleased to see a common old Pipistrelle! 😁


  4. Didn’t you know….you are supposed to be able to make the bats swarm at your command??? I didn’t know about bat detectors either, but sounds cool! We usually just lay there and look up and there they are….sometimes! Lol! What a great little adventure!

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    1. Perfect time of year to go on a bat hunt. Getting dark earlier and they are feeding lots before winter. I wasn’t going to write a post but I loved the sunset shot so much I couldn’t not share.

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