The one where she hasn’t fallen off the planet

Surprise! *Waves Jazz hands enthusiastically.*

Well if anybody can remember who I am and dutifully still checks in on me, I just felt the need to update you with life on mud.

Last time I properly posted it was the summer holidays.  We were busy.  I just needed to be mum for a bit.

Not muddy mum, or a mum who blogs. (Whilst simultaneously burning the fish fingers.)

Just Mum, who referees sibling woes, patches up bloody knees and tries to make herself heard over stampy cat once in a while. No idea who I’m talking about – lucky you! πŸ˜‰

It’s also fair to say I spent the summer in a bit of a strop.

Mr Muddy working non stop.

It’s the nature of his business and I totally support him in it, but it doesn’t stop me sulking like a huge, oversized toddler nonetheless.

I did manage to put together a few posts which are now gathering dust in my draft file.  Will they ever see the light of day? Who knows, but for now they reside in blogging purgatory. 

My Mojo gone. My faith in my words lost.
Then school started back with the whirlwind of after school activities and tired, grumpy children and I had the joyful task of business administration to deal with.

Fun all the way!

Invoicing, book fiddling balancing and meetings with accountants.

I know how to have a good time.

Actually the meeting with the accountant was quite amusing. Trying to dig out some accounts on the laptop the only file my laptop will continuously find is one I’d rather stupidly called nudey swimmers.

Yep I have a file on my laptop of a naked dude in the river Cam.

Some things can never be unseen.  

And I’m sure it was cold πŸ˜‰

Why on earth do I have such an image?

Well I’ve been working on a puzzle cache for a long time on and off (mostly off) and I’ve cottoned on to the fact the cache is located near to where a group of naturist swimmers frolic.

Yes really.

I was essentially trying to cheat and get some exif data from some photos on the net.

Didn’t work. And left me needing a whole barrel of brain bleach.

The file also contains some maps of likely locations for when the next moment of tedious boredom strikes and I get back to cheating puzzling.

My sense of humour being as tragic as it is, I stupidly gave the file the name Nudey swimmers. 

Next time I’ll call it ‘Potential puzzle locations.’

The beauty of hindsight.

The accountant however was very professional and completely ignored the continual appearance of the nudey swimmers file (Apple finder – I hate you!) and now undoubtably thinks I’m a great big perv peeping Tom.

Only me hey?

So with all this going on I just sort of stumbled from planet blog.

Missing in action from the world of Mud.

The outdoor adventures absolutely still happening and I’ve still of course been caching, but just low key finds, you’d be sure to fall asleep if I told you about them.

However things are back on track.

We are back in routine. The arduous tasks are done (for now) and Mr Muddy whilst still working ridiculous hours has declared he really needs a holiday. Don’t we all!

After an epic few days spent on google I’ve eventually found a vacancy – who knew that everybody goes away for October half term? Anyway a holiday has finally been booked.

I’ve had a tentative look at the local caching and it may just involve hills, forests and even a cave!

I’m beyond excited.

I do however fear my family will divorce me.

Other plans including having a go at a popular local geocaching trail for children and the accompanying night cache – just don’t tell the children! πŸ˜‰ Or the husband….

I’ve plans afoot for some new caches of my own and a friend and I are going to have a go at a powertrail. (Geocaches are laid out in such a way to allow for as many finds in a short a distance as possible) only we’ll be doing it between school runs so it will end up less powertrail more of a pathetic dash. It will however go something like this;

I whinge at the monotony.  I whine at the crap containers and I’m late to pick up the kids from school.

Bet you can’t wait to read that one!

So if you’ve hung around to see if I would ever post again, much gratitude. 

As hard as it was to sit down and write this I must confess it does feel rather good to be back.

You never know, I may even hit publish this time….

12 thoughts on “The one where she hasn’t fallen off the planet

  1. Did you know that organising a search party for a missing blogger… “isn’t a real thing”. The Cambridgeshire Constabulary are not accepting my calls anymore. Good to have some mud in my blogosphere again πŸ™‚

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  2. Oh the meeting with the accountant had me laughing!
    I sometimes think I have picked up some tantrum habits from my son then in the midst of it, I pause and wonder if actually he’s picked them up from me. Uh oh.
    Look forward to hearing about the mad dash and the October geocaches.
    Glad you hit publish muddy one!

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    1. Thanks πŸ™‚ You inspired me to let it all out the other day. My silence was becoming more of a barrier to myself.
      Nothing like a good old tantrum at times, better than holding it all in!

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