Daydream Believer

 I was tagged by the lovely Lisa to join in with a post exploring how life would be if I could have it all my own way. 

An easy post for me.  

I’m a bit of a day dreamer, I get bored easily and often find myself away with the fairies. The accompanying vacant expression is particularly fetching! πŸ˜‰

Now I have valid daydream time. Thanks! 

If I could live anywhere

It would still be in the UK. A rural village but with fairly easy access to a town or city. 

Coast or Countryside, either will do. 

To be surrounded by hills and adventures would be a pretty fine thing.

Having lived in the same town my whole life I certainly have roots, but it doesn’t really feel like home.

If I could have any home

It would be old, with lots of character, wonky walls and rustic charm. 

Preferably symmetrical and the front door would be blue.

If I could have any garden
It would have a gardener. I detest gardening!

If I could be on holiday right now
I would be ecstatic. 

My itchy feet mean I would be happy to visit most places. I love to be travelling and this year has been a bit lacking in the holiday department sadly. *sigh*

Canada, Paris, Rome, Japan, China, New Zealand, Cuba, Malta, Dubai …just for starters…any would do! 

If I could have any job
This is a really tough one. I have no idea what I want to do. 

Anybody need a chocolate/cocktail/holiday tester….I’m versatile! πŸ˜‰

If I could have any talent 
A natural flair for cooking. 

I’m more won’t cook than can’t cook but if I had a knack for it maybe I wouldn’t find it quite so tiresome.

If I could live any day again
I wouldn’t actually. Life is what it is, good and bad.

If I could have any superpower 

I hate having my photo taken,wouldn’t it be amazing to just vanish?!

Also my geocaching stealth would be amazing. πŸ˜‰
If anybody else would like to join in – consider yourself tagged! 😊

20 thoughts on “Daydream Believer

  1. Here I was wondering where you had gone off to. I haven’t seen your posts in a while so….I figured I’d stop over and check to see if you were still alive. Here you are with a post that’s only a few days old….and it didn’t show up in my blog I read on WordPress. Hmmm….not sure why as I’m still “following” you! Glad to see you are still here!

    I love the daydreaming post! I’m with you in the gardener! And cooking! Ha ha! And I also love that your super power can be used for geocaching! πŸ™‚ You’re so funny! πŸ˜ƒ

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    1. Hello! I’d fallen off the planet for a while! Been really busy with work and hit with injury so used the time for a blogging break. Things are starting to calm down a bit now so hopefully I’ll be back in the game! Thanks for coming to find me again 😊

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      1. Injury? Oh no! Hope all is ok! I can’t blame you for falling off the blogging planet. I’ve done it a time or two. Or…maybe more! πŸ˜‰


      2. Oh no! Will this hurt your long walk Challenge thing. (For the life of me I cannot remember what it is called!!)


      3. The fact my husband has work, my daughter has brownie camp and my son is singing in a local show have blown challenge walk out of the game. I will be mostly looking like this 😀 for the duration of the weekend.

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