Munzee Town Trails

What on earth is she on about now? 

Good question my friend.

Munzee is described as a next generation global scavenger hunt. Using GPS you track down game pieces hidden by other players. Once found you scan the game piece, usually a sticker, using QR code technology and the Munzee app on your smart phone.


I discovered it about a week after I started geocaching. I’ve found a few but it’s not the love affair of geocaching. In fact I feel a little unfaithful just talking about the M word. 

Scanning a Munzee is like a cheap, quick thrill. 

Find, scan and off you go. I normally just grab them if I spot them on a nearby sign or lamp post and rarely you might find one in a geocache. 

This week I spotted on Twitter that Thetford, a large town in the Brecks, has launched a Munzee trail. 

Hmm interesting. Retweet. Hold that thought.

A few days later and the day is a bit miserable, the children are in full on, school holiday, climbing the wall mode. We’ve exhausted all play parks within a 10 mile radius and I’d quite honestly rather poke sharp objects in my eyes than go to soft play on a wet day. Argh! 

Then I remember the Munzee trail. Let’s do this!
I’ve been to Thetford several times but without ever actually heading into town. 

Luckily we miss most of the foul weather on the drive over and for the first time ever I venture further than the outskirts. 

We start off simply, grabbing the first Munzee of the day near to where we have parked, a pleasant enough spot on the riverside and the kids find a bench which they find absolutely hilarious. 


We scan the code and the app invites us to answer a question. Ooh! This is a new one for me. 

A quick read of the information board and success we get our points. Pointless points if like me you don’t play much, but we get them. 😉

We grab a nearby regular Munzee (not part of the trail) which somebody who is at least eight ft tall has placed up on a street sign. Being 5 ft this proves quite the challenge but waving a child in the air saves the day. 

It also draws a bit of attention, move along folks there is nothing to see here. And to think I usually feel suspicious with my head in a bush. 

We grab more Munzees as we make our way through town, being awarded with a satisfying beep as we capture. The app is playing up a lot this time though and it crashes. Continuously. Driving me nuts. 

For some reason each time it restarts though it thinks I’m trying to rescan an already captured Munzee and sounds a loud Britains Got Talent style buzzer at me. Rather amusing as you walk streets full of shoppers. 

Yep I could have hit silent but where’s the fun in that? 😉

Eventually we leave the busy town and find ourselves on a rather lovely riverside walk and discover a nature reserve too. We don’t have time to venture further this time but will definitely be back to explore this area at a later date.


I sneakily flick over to the geocaching app. Not needing a find today the children have put me on a strict geocaching ban. 

I’m merely 33m from a cache. Like I can resist! I quickly sneak a look at the hint before switching back to the Munzee app and handing the phone back to the children. 

We stop to search.

‘I can’t see a Munzee mum.’

‘I don’t think they would put a Munzee under the bridge mum.’

Nope, but look what I found! Fancy that! 😉

Yep, I really do save my most special photos to share on here. Oh dear!

With the Munzee app acting as a virtual tour guide we explore the town, capturing, answering questions and buzzing hilariously (sorry Thetford!) as we go.


Sadly the app eats battery at an alarming rate. I wasn’t prepared with battery back up and am never organised enough to print off the accompanying paper map, (but it’s an excellent idea!) So our fun was cut short for the day.

We had fun though and the Munzee were a great way to explore the town, helping us find some nice places to visit.

I don’t usually rate Munzee that highly which is why I’ve never written about them before. They generally just take you through busy streets on a tour of street signs and bins but in this situation were used really well. I’ve googled to see where else has Munzee trails and could only come up with Norwich.
Which is a bit of a surprise and a shame it’s a great way to explore a place you dont know, and even better a fantastic way of getting children outdoors and interacting with the world around them. 

This time Munzee gets my vote! 

For more information on the Thetford Munzee Trail click here

For more information on Munzee visit here

To download the app and get zapping walk this way

28 thoughts on “Munzee Town Trails

  1. Me and my husband despite having a gps aren’t able to do these munzee trails for we don’t own smart phones. Thanks for showing us what we are missing out on. I also love your banner featuring your blog name.


  2. I’ve never heard of these before! But I love that the children put you on a geocaching ban – that is going to end up happening to me ha! I also love that you just ‘stumbled’ on a cache – it’s a great photo of you and the little ones at the beginning. Have a lovely weekend xx

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  3. We fall to the dark side now and again. Bit of a sucker for geo-location games. Not much activity in our area though…and…we dig caching much more.

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    1. Yep, geocaching will always be my first love. 🙂
      With the town trail though I think I prefer Munzee! <- can't believe I just wrote that! We have several caches locally which are used as an introduction to caching and to help people explore a local nature reserve but the caches are always a bit naff and quickly trashed. At least Munzee is scan and go.
      Do you Ingress? Tried it a couple of times but I still have no idea what is going on! Ha


      1. Google done, OK, turns out I have heard about it on a podcast a few months back but didn’t check it out. Might have to give it a further look and see if any0ne is active in my area…like I need yet another hobby! 😉


      2. Should you work out what to do, let me know! Ha!
        I stood beside a busy road hacking portals (I think) looking like a complete fool stood there with my phone and a very confused look on my face. As hobbies go, it’s an odd one! Ha!

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  4. I’d not heard of these either – just mentioned it to S and told him it involves QR codes. I think he’s about to disown me… He has an unnatural hatred for the things!!


  5. I’ve never heard of Munzee but I have a couple of friends who play Ingress. Not sure about that one either, I think I prefer the traditional geocaching!

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      1. Yes could be rather difficult whilst geocaching to change into the correct t-shirt for the challenge…perhaps you could have the children each where a different one and wave the relevant child in the air? I tell you I am very excited to have children now, I hadn’t really seen the potential for them to help reach high places! xx


      2. Ha! High places, low places, places you’d rather not go – children find them all quite exciting! Marvellous tiny assistants! On the other hand they cost you a fortune in food and never go to bed when you tell them to! 😉


      3. I rather like the idea of tiny assistants! That said the whole feeding them and making them sleep seems rather arduous! Do they perhaps not realise that assistants are supposed to be terribly well behaved and obedient??


  6. Never heard of Munzee and not certain it could ever overtake Geocaching for me. I signed up for Ingress but just didn’t get it. A fellow cacher (Dug with the three dogs) does Ingress and his phone is forever making “that sound”.


    1. Munzee is already back to being something I only do if I see it. Unless I find another tourist trail like this one I wouldn’t go out seeking them. Geocaches of course an entirely different matter. 😉
      I love the thought of people travelling the world playing all these location based games…and making funny noises from their phones!

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  7. I tried looking for Munzees and found there are 2 in the town where I live, I found them both but one was on the back of a sign and it was impossible to get to! Not as exciting as geocaching!

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