It’s time to get outside. 

This summer, Ordnance Survey are asking people to make a pledge to get outside. 

They aren’t asking you to conquer mountains or swim the channel….well unless you want to of course.  Just a simple pledge to spend more time outdoors.

You can fill in your pledge here.

Each week a draw will take place and a lucky pledge maker will win a prize to help them achieve their pledge. 

Needless to say I will happily pledge my time to be outdoors, especially being in the thick of the school summer holidays. 

I made my pledge straight away.

A few days later I was completely surprised to receive an email to say I’d won the weekly prize draw. 😀


I never win prizes!

Then again I rarely enter competitions. It figures! 😉

This week our prize arrived. Ice cream spends to help us enjoy a day outside. 

I’m a big Ice cream fan. This was not going to be a problem. 😉

This week saw the children being dragged along to a meeting, which was for them a dull affair. 

(Coffee, good worked for me!) 

The huffing, puffing and general flopping on the furniture the very subtle clues making it clear they were done with this meeting.

It was time for some wild time. 

Luckily we were close to Milton Country Park just outside the city of Cambridge. 

Even more luck that the cafe there has lush ice cream. Perfect! 


Huffing, puffing and flopping soon changed to tree climbing, running wild and exploring.

We’ve been to the park many times before but with plenty of wild space to explore there is always something new to discover. 

We’ve geocached in the park before but had one more still to find. 

With the children navigating us somewhat successfully across the park, dodging lakes, pits and dead ends. 

Sounds perilous hey?!

Eventually we reached the location of the cache and it was time for the hunt to begin. 

The children quickly dismissed an obvious hiding spot and after my recent lack of ability to find what is in front of my face it wasn’t looking promising.

That sinking feeling when it looks likely that you won’t find the cache.

One last check of the original suspected hiding place however and I emerged victorious with the teeny little cache! 


What better way to celebrate our victory than head back towards the cafe and get that all important ice cream. 

We still had plenty to discover on the way back. 

A rogue elastic band on the floor was quickly fashioned into a catapult – I was seriously impressed by that one! 

We also ran into this large beasty on the path. 

He was huge! 


‘Mummy, I really think you should pick him up off the path’

Hmm Mummy thinks he’ll be just fine where he is….


Finally the children had navigated us back across the park. 


Ice cream! 

Mine’s a salted caramel. *Drools*

Good job it’s a gym day.



Icecream (dodgy) selfie. Mind the hair guys…,

14 thoughts on “It’s time to get outside. 

  1. Wonderful! I shall be moving to Cambridge in a couple of months, I’ll make sure to put Milton Country Park on my list of places to discover! 😀

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      1. Wandlebury is amazing, Cherry Hinton park and chalk pits, grantchester meadows – beautiful! All on the outskirts of the City. Then you are surrounded by the Fens and Lodes. Lots of lovely places to explore 🙂 Enjoy!

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  2. Holy crap that’s a tiny one! Never found one that small yet. Smallest I’ve found has been a pill bottle or film canister.


  3. I’ve never seen a cache that small either, I’ve probably searched for them but never actually found it. I’m a convert to salted caramel ice cream too, it’s the one flavour I always return to.

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    1. Sneaky little thing. It was tucked into a dark corner on the sign.
      Salt and caramel are my two favourite flavours. Put them together and I’m a very happy person! 🙂


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