Love / Hate Blogger Challenge

Lisa from Into the Glade has nominated me for the Love/Hate blogger challenge.

A challenge you say? Oh go on then!

A surprisingly tricky one. 10 things I love and 10 things I hate.

Here you go….

Ten things I love

My family.


Geocaching. yes, really. 😉

My friends. Quality over quantity.

Being outdoors.

Travelling. My feet are eternally itchy!

Baz Luhrmann. Well his films anyway. Hold that thought …..he is a bit of a silver fox…. 😉

Body Combat.



Ten Things I hate

Mashed potato.

Wobbly teeth. *Vomits in mouth*





Bad Geocaches – I find it increasingly difficult to keep my mouth shut about them. 😕

Opening presents in front of people. Too much pressure!

Michael Jackson, well his music anyway. I just don’t get it!

The little black bit on the end of bananas. So very, very wrong.

If you would like to join in, I nominate:

A thousand finds
Life is a lil crazy
but I smile anyway

10 thoughts on “Love / Hate Blogger Challenge

  1. Great lists! I have done this one a coup,e of times before, and I find it so hard… Especially the hate one!!! So I’m gonna bow out gracefully of this one, if you dont mind! Actually.. I might not…. I am off to a wedding… I may even theme it on that!

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  2. I agree with a lot of your loves and hates here but would swap coffee for tea and I’ve never done body combat.

    Personally there’s nothing wrong with loving geocaching. My husband would say it gives walking a purpose. I agree though there are the caches that seem to be thrown down eg. 35mm film canisters dumped in a bush. However, there’s loads of good ones too eg. banana case in a tree and the people I have met through it are the most friendliest bunch of caring souls I’ve ever come across.


  3. Wait….I am teased for hating winter but you hate mashed potatoes and all their DELISH buttery goodness and Michael Jackson!!!! Now I want to out some Thriller or Billie Jean on!!!!

    I will agree with most of the rest!! Never did body combat before though….


    1. Ha 😂
      My mum made me eat mashed spuds every day as a child. Gross!
      As for MJ – You know He’s bad, he’s bad. You know it, he’s bad! 😉
      I must sleep! Catch you soon my lovely 😘


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