Thirty Days Wild. Day 15 – A stroll through Grantchester Meadows.

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_15
A fabulous start to the day.
A message from a friend turning a casual coffee grab into a full on day of loveliness.
What to do though? The requirements for the day being Coffee, food and a walk – a nice one!

Grantchester. A lovely village on the river Cam, near to Cambridge.
A village filled with charm, stunning countryside, wonderful places to walk and some rather fab pubs.
Perfect then for a last minute jolly with one of your favourite people.

A gorgeous walk along the river through picturesque meadows. Being  joined by my young God daughter the walkways through the grass much appreciated as this out of practice buggy pusher got back behind the wheels.

Today I had genuinely no plans to find a cache. The trouble with being in a new place however is you just can’t help checking. Well I can’t anyway..

A quick peek of what is nearby.

When you find you are a mere 80m away, well, what can you do but look for it?

Luckily this friend knows all about my Geocaching habit and is keen to see what all the fuss is about.
Our fist attempt a metal bench. Sweet! This should be easy ….
I can’t blooming find it! Not embarrassing at all.

Luckily our walk takes us past a church.
A chance to redeem myself…(Most churches have a cache nearby.) Sure enough a church micro just 20 m away. We cross the road and to my great relief an out of place brick is nestled by the fence.
*Sigh of relief*
Triumphantly I pluck the cache from it’s Hiding place. A 35mm film pot, not the most exciting cache. My friend however is thrilled and my God daughter, she chews it. Then cries when I put it back.
My friend wants to find another.
The geo bug has bitten!

Her first cache!

It’s now time to redeem myself at the bench of shame. This time I utilise the buggy to act as a shield whilst I adopt a ‘Talking to the baby, checking her shoes pose.’

I’ve clearly been missing a trick here – how great are buggies? I Can look under a bench without looking like a weirdo and nobody’s any the wiser. Hmm maybe we need a pram…. 😉
This time with the buggy invisibility shield in play I soon emerge victorious with the pesky cache in hand.


My reputation saved. It must be time to celebrate in the pub. 

12 thoughts on “Thirty Days Wild. Day 15 – A stroll through Grantchester Meadows.

  1. It looks so picturesque. Your goddaughter is a cutie too. She’s going to have so many adventures with you, I can tell 🙂


  2. Awe! Yay for spreading the geo bug. I was called a geo-nerd this last weekend. Is it weird that I was proud instead of offended?

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  3. I haven’t been geocaching much lately but I’m going to test your theory about there being a geocache near most churches! At least, I’d hope, it won’t be overgrown with stinging nettles like most of the paths near us at the moment….

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    1. Most do, all part of a huge series and known as Church micros.
      Those nettles really do make it more difficult don’t they. Happy hunting – let me know if you get a church micro. 🙂


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