The thrill of the chase

First to Find. Take it or leave it? 

I go for weeks with no great desire to go after them, I can’t simply be bothered. Then like this past week, Ping! goes the notification and I’m out the door. 

I’ve even been a contrary mix of the two and the other day text a friend to say:

‘New cache published in your village. Go!’

All of the fun, none of the effort. 

Yesterday I missed a notification whilst working. On finishing I checked my phone to search for a suitable cache for my daily find (currently 62 days and it’s feeling like it!), scrolling through the same old list; too isolated, too far, too many dnfs ……and not feeling too inspired. 

I flicked to my emails instead. 

What! A new cache notification! It had been published about an hour ago.  There were no logs yet and better still it was pissing with rain. 

Hmm maybe the FTF was still there for the taking. 

Sod it! Chuck on boots and jacket and go.

The car was parked in the usual geocacher abandonment style and the cache was one of those that show no footpaths on the map. 

No footpaths or signs to be seen so I end up dashing through a gap in a hedge alongside a busy road. Not looking strange at all.

I’m drenched already but at least now I have a bit of tree coverage. 

The same tree coverage that has meant the CO has described the coordinates as problematic. They’ve also mentioned stinging nettles.

They weren’t  kidding. I’m surrounded by them.


A drowned rat in a sea of nettles!
The wooded area despite being alongside a busy road was a very isolated spot. Clearly not often used. It was creepy as hell. 

Sure I’m scared of most things but I was really on edge. *shudders*

The coordinates were a nightmare. The hint was fairly specific, but could have meant a couple of options. Good old caching logic deduced the most likely tree and then it was time to find the cache.

Given the name of the cache I’d surmised that I was looking for a bird. I was expecting a cute little number or maybe a bird house. Nothing was obvious. Then I looked up and saw it. Holy cow! A bloody great big pigeon. 

It scared the life out me, creepy looking thing looking down at me with it’s beady eyes. Eurgh!

Yes, looking down at me. 

Remember I’m short? I break caches I’m so short. I’m also stubborn and determined!

I stretch. Nope

I jump. Nope

I stretch and jump and perform some seriously funky acrobatics on the branch. I’ve got my fingers on it….

Oh dear. Footsteps and heavy breathing

I drop back down, firstly because it’s quite possibly an axe murderer come to finish me off, but mostly because my backside was hanging out. 

A rather glamorous builder’s bum! 

If I end up strangled in the woods, I’d at least like to have my muffin top tucked in.

Thankfully it turns out to be another cacher. 

I say Hi. I make her jump and she swears. 

Yes I sniggered childishly.

She’s gutted.

‘You found it?’

I reply that I have and point out the flying rat in the tree.

‘I’m just getting it down.’

She reaches up and grabs it.

‘Cool.’ She says ‘Can we share First to find?’

Hey! What? You want to share first to find of the cache I just found?! 

You were first to find me! 

But really I said ‘sure’ and rolled my eyes as I have never rolled them before.

She removed the log and I shot her a look to say ‘don’t you freaking dare.’  Channeling ninja like I have never done before.

It worked, she reluctantly handed it over. I left her a little gap at the side. Childish? Me? Never!

She logged online at GZ and whilst doing so gave me a fine lecture all about the importance of writing a good log. It should be like a story she said. 

‘Oh I try.’ I tell her. 😉

Does a first to find mean that much to people that they want to share a cache someone else has just found?

Sure, if you are searching together makes sense to me to share. 

Had it been the other way around I wouldn’t have entered the woodland. I’ve met cachers before at caches and walked past in full muggle mode. I’d rather do my own thing. 

It was fun at the weekend with friends and I’ll definitely do it again but the thought of caching with strangers, turns me off. Not even for a first to find.

I don’t think I can be bothered with FTFs anymore, well at least until I hear the next ping! 

8 thoughts on “The thrill of the chase

  1. Hmmm hard to say no to a stranger on the FTF. However, would she have found it if you hadn’t been right there jumping for it? Gah! You were nice but this is your FTF! 🙂 I still have yet to get and FTF and I just want one. The other day I sent BF off to get one and he did. Going to Geocaching HQ tomorrow [I live in the same area] and will be posting about that soon. Happy hunting!


    1. Well she logged joint FTF and I logged FTF. 😉

      I hope you get one soon – I’ll be cheering you on!

      HQ – that’s cool! A lot of people on the Geocaching UK Facebook groups would love to go there. Take lots of photos, can’t wait to hear all about it.

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  2. so tonight I got a notification for a new coach and BF and I hightailed it to GZ. We were the first there followed shortly by three other cars. Was just about to walk to an area I thought it was and someone else officially found it but all nine of us got the FTF. I still want an FTF of my very own but a great way to start out my long weekend!


  3. How do you get the notifications? I never seem to get them. Am I missing something???


    1. Are you premium membership? If so you go to your profile, then member features and set up what you want notifications for. 🙂


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