Eating my words

A few weeks ago I was telling you about my geocaching first to finds and explaining how I’m not too fussed about such an occurrence.


It would seem that I might have lied to you a little bit.

Just a teeny, tiny, unintentional fib and I seem to have caught myself out!

You see it’s happened again, just this morning I doubled my first to find (FTF) count. Oops. Maybe I like it more than I thought I did!? 😉

It all started very innocently, a couple of new caches were placed and published at the start of the weekend. Read the emails, checked the listings. Mentally placed them on my to do list for sometime in the future.
Not the slightest urge to run out and find them.
Sunday I was busy flinging myself somewhat inelegantly around a metal pole – but that’s a whole other story….probably best untold! Post pole fit however still no urges to go and find the two new caches.
Sunday evening and my phone starts to go a little crazy, literally bouncing with the amount of emails it’s trying desperately to alert me to. What?!
Happiness really is opening your inbox to find it full of new cache notifications. It would seem the trail has got a whole lot bigger. Exciting! 😍

Still no great desire to rush out and find them, figuring next weekend we’ll tackle the trail as a whole. Sweet!

Only I woke up this morning thinking about those nice, new little caches. Nice empty little log sheets feeling unloved and forlorn. It would seem I might have a little bit of FTF love after all..

Problem being I’m booked into a gym class so can’t do much about it.
Hmm, actually there might be….
I have access to several local gyms with my membership and one just so happens to be about a five minute drive away from the new trail. In fact I would have to drive past three of the new caches on the way…..

So with children dropped at school and gym classes switched I was on my way. 10 minutes later and a quick frosty walk, three happy little logbooks are bearing my name. Three nice little hides, in different guises and not a film pot in sight! 😉
I even made it to the gym in time.


So whilst still not competitive and certainly not classsing myself as a first to find fiend. (Sorry couldn’t resist FTF lovers!) it’s safe to say this game is getting under my skin a little, my addiction deepens and I’m having to repent of my sins in the chase of smiley faces. Such fun! 😊

To think I used to be normal.

Or maybe I’m fibbing again! 😉

5 thoughts on “Eating my words

    1. Keep at it, sure you’ll find one soon! 🙂

      Hmm the pole dancing, something I agreed to when it was my birthday and I’d had a drink or two….


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