Nature Detectives


I had a hectic day in London yesterday, Yep. Black Friday in London.
By hectic I of course mean two shops, a mooch around Covent Garden and the afternoon in the pub. Exhausting! 😉

So today was all about getting outside, lots of fresh air and Christmas avoidance – come on, it’s still November!

We headed to a local National Trust property, Anglesey Abbey. It’s a bit of a second home for us and our annual membership is worth it’s weight in gold.

We usually head straight down to the fen but today opted for something a little different. My youngest daughter had already gathered an armful of leaves just on the way in, so we decided that today would be for seeking natural treasures.

An activity station in the visitor centre provides equipment to engage young explorers with the environment and we were able to borrow magnifying glasses, crayons, and paper. We’d grabbed lunch from the cafe so kept the children’s lunch boxes to store their bounty.

Literally moments after setting foot outside and they were off exploring, examining plants and climbing under bushes.


They are an inquisitive bunch at the best of times but give them a magnifying glass and they become almost Darwinian. In fact I caught them several times using the Darwin beard thinking gesture we have. Yes, we have a thinking beard gesture. Seriously, you should try it….


Treasures were collected and studied, bark rubbings taken, leaves drawn and identified…


…they found the biggest pile of leaves you could ever imagine and promptly buried themselves in it, having a wonderful time doing the things children should be doing.


Happy exploring!