Woo hoo for wild time.

Sunday finally brings a free day. No plans, no parties. A free day to spend at leisure. Outdoors.

With the husband at work and the first born away at brownie camp – leaving us with strict instructions to not even think about geocaching, it was down to the minis to decide what to do. Gadget boy of course wanted to stay in and spend the day interacting with a screen. As if!

After much deliberation we settled on our local reserve, Wicken Fen with the promise of exploring and maybe cake.

This time we visited the part of the fen accessed via the National trust visitor centre, you can however access other parts of the fen for free without being a member.


You can follow a boardwalk around for most of the site but there are sections that remain muddy all year round, being a fen and all!
The children love to explore the various hides dotted around (we’re still practising being quiet however!), you can also borrow explorer packs from the visitor centre but we’ve never bothered.