Releasing your inner hippo

Mud, the glorious love child of water and earth. Some love it for it’s beautifying and therapeutic qualities, it’s an essential habitat for several members of the animal kingdom for thermoregulating, and hated by others for being just plain messy. I suspect these may also be people who have cream carpets 😉 Love it or hate it it’s a wonderful play resource for children, I’ve … Continue reading Releasing your inner hippo

Bertha and the Bee.

I love the sound of rain on canvas, there is something comforting about your little dwelling in the outdoors sheltering you from the elements. We knew when we booked our trip away that the remnants of hurricane Bertha would be blowing in, not ideal camping conditions but life’s too short right? Taking the tent down in the wind and rain wasn’t an entirely pleasant experience … Continue reading Bertha and the Bee.

A campsite fit for a Queen

So you’ve heard all about the new palatial tent, somewhere fitting to pitch it was obviously required. With time being against us we needed a fairly local campsite, I must also confess to being a bit of a camping snob and so for me it is essential that a site is abundant with immaculate, clean and shiny toilet and shower blocks…anything else goes but that’s … Continue reading A campsite fit for a Queen

Camp Bestival goes wild.

After popping our collective festival cherries last year we couldn’t wait to get back to Camp Bestival this year. We booked our tickets as soon as we returned home last year and spent many months eagerly anticipating the delights which would be on offer this time. We certainly weren’t disappointed. With one of my favourite acts ever headlining I was thrilled and everything else was … Continue reading Camp Bestival goes wild.