We really should have flip flops

Organisation is not really our thing. We tend to live life in the moment, grabbing at opportunities as they arise. Whilst enjoying an idyllic day at the beach the other day my husband turned me and said ‘One day we will come to the beach prepared, with windbreaks and towels and stuff.’ At that point I trotted to town to buy flip flops!
So having packed up early from an amazing festival experience in Dorset we were feeling a little glum. We left the campsite at 9am and should really have taken advantage of the quiet roads and headed home.
Did we want to go home? Did we heck! So as we do, we headed to the beach instead.
We chose Swanage as it is really close to the festival site, I have happy childhood holiday memories of the town and my Husband and I have also enjoyed an equally off the cuff camping trip there before children….you may have seen me? I was the one walking down the street with a giant caterpillar around my neck…. but that’s another story.

Highlight of the day had to be our darling boy learning to walk in his newly purchased seaside flip flops, (Which I will have you know in the last week have made it to 2 seaside trips. So there!) we honestly didn’t giggle …much!


We had a wonderful time jumping waves, building castles and searching the shoreline for treasures, it has to beat a day in the car right?


Lunch was fish and chips and an ice cream on the beach, well what else would you eat at the seaside?

After lunch we felt the need to scratch a Geocaching itch. Usually we discover new wonderful places through searching for geocaches, this time we chose a much loved beautiful place for the chosen few geocaches we would hopefully find in the area.
Once changed from the bambiesque beach footwear we headed up to the beautiful Durlston country park, it’s stunning cliff top location giving some magnificent views.



We walked off our fish and chips, drank in the views and I tried to control my inner neurotic mother self who was convinced the children were going to tumble over the cliffs….they obviously didn’t. We even managed to find a few Geocaches!


Fun and frolics over, as much as we wanted to we could no longer prolong going home. After a beautiful day outside it was time to load back in the car and start the long journey home…

oh crap it’s rush hour!