30 Days Wild. Day 3o – We’ve reached the end.

Day 30.  The end of a wild month and it seemed only fitting to celebrate in a wild way. A wild Cocktail made with my own homemade Elderflower cocktail.  Elderflower pinched foraged from the local school and magically transformed into the lush smelling, extra sweet, taste of summer. I could tell you how to make it, but that’s what Google is for. I should share the … Continue reading 30 Days Wild. Day 3o – We’ve reached the end.

Winter lights

Another outdoor, festive event in another of my favourite local places. A local country house and gardens gets its glad rags on for Christmas, albeit very tastefully. More shimmer and winter festivities rather than full on bling and tinsel. During the busy run up to Christmas it’s so nice to get outside and be inspired by nature. Merry Christmas Everyone Love from Muddy Mum Continue reading Winter lights

Here comes Santa Claus

With three children in the muddy household Christmas is a bit full on! The last few weeks have been a whirl of Nativity plays, parties and preparation. With excitement peaking here’s a look back on how we’ve been celebrating Christmas outdoors. I try to make each years trip to see Santa a little different, equally for my sanity as for the children’s enjoyment. This year … Continue reading Here comes Santa Claus