Well Hello There.

*Quietly skulks back in with a sheepish wave.*

It would appear that I’ve had a ever so tiny blogging break. 😬

Just as you started to think that maybe I’d killed the blog off *, up I pop like the proverbial bad penny.

What can I say?

I’ve just been really busy with life, the mundane and walking mile after flipping mile with the most hyper active hound you have ever met. I’m looking at you Mr Muddy. 😏

So still plenty of outdoors loveliness going on, just sadly neither the time or the inclination to blog about it. Rubbish eh?

Equally I’ve been a bit shoddy with my beloved twitter, so many lovely people on there to catch up with.

My saving grace however has been Instagram, mostly due to the fact it’s dead easy. 😉

If we aren’t yet connected on there, come look me up. I’m as you would expect @mudandnettles on there and always looking for lovely new accounts to follow. No trout pout selfies or pictures of my dinner, honest.

I’ll leave you with a little sneak peek of what I’ve been up to recently, whilst I follow up some posts I have at the ready. I have a full notebook folks and I’m not afraid to use it.**

* Confession time. I did, just couldn’t bring myself to even publish the goodbye post. Sorry folks I’m hanging around a bit longer.
** Confession two. Ok a few posts, but baby steps right?

8 thoughts on “Well Hello There.

  1. You were seriously going to pull the plug on the blog?! I did start to wonder where you were (blog-wise, as I still see you about due to stalking your other accounts!) then almost immediately after my thought, you commented one my posts! Pleased to have you back for however long – I know you’ve had a hiatus before so don’t worry about it. You can’t be expected to write AND have fabulous outdoor adventures!


    1. Yep final goodbyes were all typed out. I’ve turned down all sponsored posts for the immediate future, need to get back to basics and blogging for me.

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    1. I have been lurking on the reader occasionally and your absence had been noted. 😉
      Playing outdoors is definitely much more fun that writing about it.


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