Another Super Simple Alcohol Stove

Just wanted to share a great post here from mrbream.
Inspired By our drinking hot chocolate in the woods misadventure, here’s a fab tutorial showing how to make your own alcohol stove. Something I will certainly be having a go at, although I should probably have the fire brigade on standby, just in case! 😉

Get Out!


Ready for a new video? Good!

I got the inspiration for my latest video from a recent entry on Mud and Nettles, a blog from the U.K. According to Mud and Nettles’ author, Muddy Mum (aka Clare), one of her goals is to get her family outside for fun and adventure as much as possible, and if there is a bit of geocaching in the mix, so much the better. Is this not starting to sound like another sorta familiar blog?

Anyway, in her latest entry titled “Oh Deer! A Trip to Mildenhall Woods”, Clare describes a recent adventure with her family in a nearby patch of woods. Her young daughters wanted to go for a walk in the woods and stop to enjoy some hot chocolate along the way. OK, I’m not going to tell the whole story…you have to read it for yourself to find…

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