30 Days Wild – The wild week that was.

Blogging everyday she said.
Life getting in the way?
Too much excitement over the MAD Blog awards?
Actually a conscious decision not to post. Three posts in one day feeling a bit like spam. Anyway isn’t it a woman’s prerogative to change her mind? 😉

Time to catch up with the wild goings on for the week.


TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_10

Day 10 – A Lunch time walk

Day 10, a really busy day. A whole heap of admin to do, also being a week after the MADS finalists being announced it was time to face up to it and blog about it. (If you haven’t voted – I’d love your vote. I’m up against some seriously heavy blogs it would be amazing to get a few votes at least…) It was one of those days where it was essential to get outside for a break, some fresh air and a moment of two of just nothing.


Ahh, That’s better!

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Day 11 – It’s all about the bugs

Day 11 saw me not being able to move for bugs. Everywhere I looked a creepy crawly or two.
I love bugs as much as I love horses, I’m happy to adore them, from a distance.
A close encounter with a bee in my car left me squeaking, squealing and driving like I stole it. (Worry not, no bees were harmed!)
In a feat of truly epic bravery I also ended up rescuing a Millipede from the house, evicted kindly and offered a place in one of the swanky bug hotels the children have made in the garden. lucky chap!




TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_12

Day 12 – Explore a Church yard

Day 12 was looking to be a great day.

Walk training for Shotley.

Drop the children at school, walk 20 miles and pick them up. Simple.
Reality however; walk 1/2 mile, school ring, walk 1/2 mile back, pick child up.
The child who had been perfectly well all morning, suddenly so poorly he could no longer be at school. The child I picked up? -Perfectly well!
The joys of parenting! 😉
Rather than rot our brains indoors a walk around a local church yard.

Lots to discover and explore and wildlife aplenty.
Oh and lots of numbers to find too. 😉

6 thoughts on “30 Days Wild – The wild week that was.

  1. I’m desperate to photograph a butterfly but haven’t seen one yet! Well done with the bee incident, I would have abandoned the car in the middle of the road. Hehe! #Imvotingmuddymum 🙂


  2. Love!!!! 🙂 Im ok with most bus except big spiders and centipedes and if I ever saw a scorpion….id probably die. But…I don’t think that technically a bug!

    Loving the wild posts!


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