The one when we go Geocaching!

It’s fair to say I’m not a natural blogger.

I’d much rather be out having fun than writing about it.

You my readers are however a marvellous bunch that really do keep me going.
Every like, comment, share, tweet and favourite makes me grin like the Cheshire cat.

Many thanks, and please don’t stop… 😉

Then there are days like today. Gloomy, rainy Mondays.

My blogging monster has been rearing its ugly head again recently.

‘Why oh why do I do this? Can I really write about THAT? When on earth do I even have time to write?’

To wake up on a Monday morning to the news that my rambled musings have inspired a family to get outdoors, go geocaching and have an amazing adventure.

It doesn’t get much better than that. 🙂

Have a read about Lisa’s first Geocaching adventure…

Into The Glade!

On Saturday, Miss Glade and I decided to go Geo Caching for the second time. We did it the first time on Bank Holiday Monday, but didn’t find a thing and so gave up, however inspired by Muddy Mum from Mud and Nettles, we decided to give it another try.


With beautiful views like this Rapeseed field with the Welsh Hills in the background, I decided it was a great way to spend the afternoon even if we didn’t find anything again. The 12 year old was slightly less enthusiastic.


However, when she quickly found her first ‘Cache’, with a little help from a runner who had done the same last week with his children, she was thrilled!


She was keen to carry on and find more. We walked along the track of the old railway line that forms The Wirral Way and didn’t see another living soul for…

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3 thoughts on “The one when we go Geocaching!

  1. To me…this is the point of blogging…Hoping you inspire someone or give them some great advice!!! Or just to rant! That works too!!

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  2. I know how you feel – a blogging, exploring, geocaching mum here as well! Too many adventures and not enough time to write, but all worthwhile for that one nudge of inspiration in someone else’s world!


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