Back in the game

…..and breathe!

After what can only be described as a whirlwind of a few weeks my feet have finally touched the ground. Events peaked at the weekend with a wedding and two christenings and then, well there was nothing. A whole afternoon of free time stretching ahead of us, nothing to do, no place to go.

We were keen to get back to Geocaching. My stats page was mocking, me showing that we hadn’t found a Geocache for 38 days. Our biggest break to date, it seemed like the perfect time to get back outside and hunt out some caches!

The final christening took place on the opposite side of Cambridge to home so I did what any self respecting geocacher in a new area would do, checked out the local caches and loaded up the mobile phone.

Christening over it was time to start proceedings by grabbing the obligatory church micro, an easy find and we were back in the game!

We then headed a couple of miles down the road to a cache rich and judging by the local car showrooms, cash rich area. Aston Martin anyone? πŸ˜‰

With it being mid afternoon we were never going to tackle the whole of the hauxton Hokey Cokey trail but honed in on an achievable loop, which would also take in several independent caches too.

The next find of the day was the delightful Sewer croc with 93 favourite points we had high hopes, although similar much favoured caches have often left me wondering what the fuss is about!? The sewer croc however didn’t disappoint. Found quickly in a really quirky hiding spot, the cache itself was a whopper and filled with the most impressive bounty. The children and I could barely contain their excitement and choosing swaps was a serious task!


The first find of the trail itself was still along the busy main road, a standard sign post hide but nearly ended in disaster. We nearly lost the blooming cache! Here’s the log I wrote online….

” An eventful find! Picked up a section of the trail today after a local function and this was to be our starting point. Quickly spotted cache. Husband in his wisdom decided to lift the boy to retrieve the cache, boy drops it straight down into the stinking, nettle covered ditch. I start planning my apologies for ruining the cache. Husband scrabbles on hands and knees in the nettles and thankfully manages to retrieve the cache which hadn’t quite made the water. Now looking for a cache large enough to trade a husband and a medium sized boy…., πŸ˜‰ ” *sigh*

The rest of the trail that we followed took us on a loop of leafy lanes and open countryside, the finds were all easy enough for the kids to find, plenty of stickoflage and fake rocks.
Our final find of the day, right by the car was our first phone box hide. I tried to explain to the children about life pre mobile phones but I don’t think they really believed me. and now just think I’m ancient.