Geocaching Road Trip

The Flatlands of East Anglia whilst filled with plenty of great locations and creative caches aren’t exactly known for adventurous geocaching hotspots.  I love to travel so a road trip in search of adventurous or interesting caches is always going to be a good thing. This is definitely a cup of tea post though folks, so grab a brew. Awesome caches come with long stories, especially … Continue reading Geocaching Road Trip

Geocaching Bucket List

It’s that time of year that I’ve been busy looking at holidays, my eternal wanderlust is indulged as I book fantasy holidays in my head, and book practical holidays around school  and Mr Muddy’s work schedule in reality. This has also got me looking at some fantastic caches around the country, don’t get me wrong  I’m not going to book a holiday around the geocaches … Continue reading Geocaching Bucket List


This summer, to celebrate 15 years of Geocaching a challenge has been set to complete a series of geocaching quests. The challenge to find different types of caches which showcase the diversity of this hobby.  Complete each quest and you are rewarded with,  Drumroll please A virtual souvenir! Woo!  (That’s a sarcastic woo if you are wondering.) 😉 The challenge started easily. To find a … Continue reading D5