Geocaching in London

I’ve cached in London a couple of times previously, both occasions a very impromptu affair. Merely checking for the nearest cache, caching for speed and efficiency. The result on both occasions a magnetic film pot fixed to a toilet utility box, pretty grim and leaving me wondering how on earth such caches were deemed quite so favourite point worthy. *Shrugs* My latest invitation to London for … Continue reading Geocaching in London

A trip to London for the Family Playtime event

Through the nature of having my own little corner of the internet I occasionally get invites to promotional and blogging events.  Whilst exciting, the very thought of these things brings me out in a cold sweat and so I politely decline.  Is there any point in going if you would spend the whole time hiding in the toilet?  A while back I received an email … Continue reading A trip to London for the Family Playtime event