Geocaching Bucket List

It’s that time of year that I’ve been busy looking at holidays, my eternal wanderlust is indulged as I book fantasy holidays in my head, and book practical holidays around school  and Mr Muddy’s work schedule in reality.
This has also got me looking at some fantastic caches around the country, don’t get me wrong  I’m not going to book a holiday around the geocaches – I’m not THAT obsessed, besides sticking a pin in a map seems to be a far more foolproof method.

Take it as a given that all caches outside of the UK are well and truly on the bucket list, who wouldn’t want to cache in New York, Paris, Rome…? You get the idea.

So Uk wise, here’s a round up of caches that look great fun, a terrifying challenge or just appreciate a lovely place. I’ll try not to go into too much detail for fear of spoiling surprises for both you and myself.

Cold War Cache GC32REK East Midlands

A cold war bunker just perfect for exploring.

A chance to explore a little piece of history and scare yourself a little in the process. (ok, just me.) Also I’m yet to bag myself a 5/5 cache, ok it’s a dubious rating but looks brilliant fun nonetheless.

Photo credit Gemsteal

You Dirty Rat GC3W444 East Midlands

A dash of adventure, a generous splash of water and a whole heap of exploring forgotten places.

Another 5/5 cache too.

Photo credit djw147

Yes…. It is a 5/5!!! GC36ERJ Yorkshire

Yes, yes, yes! Another 5/5 it would seem.

One of the very first caches I bookmarked, this looks a lot of fun. Access to the cache is via anglers ropes straight down the cliff.


Photo credit The geotwins and TheGows

Who Do You Think You Are Kidding Mr Hitler ? GC1CAPD South East

Back underground, this time to search amongst the bones of animals who have been unable to climb back out.


Photo credit hublander


Waterfall and ruin GCHTPP Northern Scotland

No great adventure here, just a beautiful place, a jolly long walk and if you like your caches on the vintage side this a 2004.

A stunning walk around Glen Nevis.

Photo credit BURTON



This one could be a whole post on its own. I’ve cached in London a couple of times before, although it has always been a case of grabbing what’s nearby whilst I’m there.

What’s nearby has tended to be a bit grotty, unimaginative, urban hides which frankly smell of wee.

However not one to be perturbed I’d love to have a caching day in the city picking up some of the following.

Under the boardwalk GC214CT A tidal cache on the thames.

Trafalgar Square Gc5A7DW The ultimate muggle challenge?

The British Library GC2MOAF I like big books and I cannot lie.

London – Beatles Abbey Road GC6F12 A webcam, I’ve not yet done one!

The Winchester Geese GC13ZAG Discovering hidden places.

Trepidity Tunnel of Adventure GC5HXMG  Northwest England

Another 5/5 and back underground, I’m starting to wonder if I was indeed a mole in a past incarnation.

More wading required here, navigating the fine metaphorical line between sewer and culvert but it’s ok, I’m part ninja and those turtles have nothing on me. 😉

Photo credit fly2live2fly



This one is ridiculously close to home. About a year ago I got the puzzle nearly solved down to the last few coordinates which just need a little tweaking and lost my bloody notebook. *Bangs head against the wall.*

Once I’ve found the notebook a boat trip is in order, or if embracing the cambridge way of life, a punt up the Cam. It’s the only way to travel in these parts darling…

Feet mine


The Fish Caves GCZWX8 North Wales

Yep, you guessed it. Underground once more. In a Fish Cave, I have no chuffing idea what one of those is but I can’t wait to find out! 😉

Photo credit Wellie Whippets


The Cave Troll’s Lair GCTDF6 South West England

A cave, one hell of a climb, a rope and possibly a troll.

Lets do it!


Photo credit shanty_uk_&cleverclogs

Suitable for Ninjas GC2EVT3 North Wales

Seriously? You need me to explain? 😉

Tucked away nicely in a mountain. Sweet.


Photo credit Cwm DJ


Subterranean Adventure GC372VC South East

Another bunker and an interesting place to explore.

Photo credit Dick the Finger


Schrödinger’s Ghostly wormhole paradox GC2HJYV East Midlands

A tunnel, always fun to explore. Now made more challenging by being blocked with timber.

Bring. It. On.

Photo credit AlmostE-ville


Major Oak GC2024 East Midlands

Britain’s favourite tree, Robin Hood’s hang out, and a whole heap of history right there.

Of course it has a geocache and of course I need to find it. A 2001 cache as well stat fans.


Photo credit Leonards193


King John’s All Washed Up GCV89Y Eastern England

Fairly local to home, a tidal cache on the wash. Not quite yet insane enough to attempt it. It’s only a matter of time.

Photo credit Eol the Nightelf

Jonah’s Journey GCJA3V East Midlands

Annoyingly I was in the area for this one last year, even had it bookmarked. Forget to check my bookmark before I went. Gutted.

It involves a brave climb into the depths of the peak district, careful where you put your feet…

photo credit and a recommendation from JoshM130


What a view! *kicks self for missing out.*

Grain Tower Battery reclaimed GC1DKZ6 South East England

An urbex adventure combined with a tidal challenge. Nice.

Photo credit henly

Summit or Submit GCY0N0 North Wales

Hailing from East Anglia it’s safe to say I get giddy at the thought of hills and mountains. If a mountain is there, I need to climb it and If a cache is up there I jolly well need to find it. Snowdon, I will conquer you.

Doesn’t look like that in these parts.


Below Above – Fallen Monarch GC2GAMT  South West England

Well it wouldn’t be much of a bucket list without the Below Above caches.

A series of caches set in the Bath stone quarries. It’s safe to say I’m desperate to do these, yet equally terrified at the thought.

Without a doubt I will squeak, wimp out, then love it. I’m a predictable thing.

Last year a trip to Bath saw us frustratingly near to these caches but with three young children in tow it just wasn’t going to happen. *Sigh*

One day I hope.

So there you have it, geocaching really is far more than tupperware hidden in bushes at your local park.

This is just some of my bookmark list, I’ll make it public if you want a snoop – it’s ever evolving too as I spot different challenges to add. Here it is.

Have I missed any must do caches? Any recommendations for exciting caches near the New Forest or the Cotswolds?

With huge thanks to all the cachers who have agreed to me using their images, I have attempted to get in touch with you all. If you haven’t received my message and would prefer I remove it please email


24 thoughts on “Geocaching Bucket List

  1. “What’s nearby has tended to be a bit grotty, unimaginative, urban hides which frankly smell of wee.”

    That has to be one of the best descriptive sentences I’ve read in ages…caused a bit of a snort…and it’s one with which I cannot disagree. Describes too many of the caches I’ve used to fill spaces on my 366 grid. Easy to find but that’s about it. Makes one appreciate the really creative/imaginative/tricky hides or caches in pretty or at least interesting places.

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    1. 😊 Very true, aren’t those grotty caches just the best though when it’s a calendar day, and you are desperate.
      Does make you wonder what Geocaching means to some people though…

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  2. I want to do ALL OF THEM! The underground ones look very cool. I’m actually quite annoyed that there’s one on top of Snowdon because I’ve been up there and balanced on the summit with the way marker. It was too blooming bitter to think about getting phones out to look at the app though! At least o can say I’ve hung upside down off a bridge in Venice to reach one. 🙂

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  3. There’s one in your list – Under the Boardwalk – that we have tried (twice) and failed at (twice) – the first time because we didn’t spot the cache, and the second time because we lacked the bottle to get it. Enjoy – it’s a great cache and the rest sound intriguing, too!

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  4. WOW These sound great!!! Have fun adventuring!! I can’t wait to see the pics – we don’t have many mountains here either so I empathise…oh and what’s greenery again?!?!?! SO MUCH SAND!!!! xxx

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    1. I’m such a whinger with sand, that stuff gets everywhere. Then when you get sand stuck to you, on your sun cream….*shudders*

      We’ll party when I make it to Dubai, maybe skip the adventures…😉


  5. Wow!!!!!!!!! That’s quite the bucket list! Most made my anxiety kick in with the teenie tiny creepy looking spaces! Some took my breathe away! The big tree in the East Midlands though really catches my eye……how cool would that be! They beat most of the ones out by us. Out here it’s mainly Tupperware hidden in dead trees and among rocks and such. Not a lot of creativity. Maybe that’s why I’ve been a slacker at it lately!


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