A trip to London for the Family Playtime event

Through the nature of having my own little corner of the internet I occasionally get invites to promotional and blogging events. 

Whilst exciting, the very thought of these things brings me out in a cold sweat and so I politely decline. 

Is there any point in going if you would spend the whole time hiding in the toilet? 

A while back I received an email from Sally at Talk to Mums asking me if I would be interested in attending the family playtime event. An event for bloggers with presentations, workshops and the chance to network. 

Excitement. Cold sweat. 

Then I noticed that I could take the children. 

Ooh! (at least I’ll have somebody to talk to in the toilet.)

A day in London with the children at an interesting looking event.. Go on then! 

My daughters were well up for a girly day in the city, my son however calculating the time this would take him away from minecraft construction soon informed me this was most unacceptable so he went to visit grandma.

Living out in the sticks, the day took a bit of planning (yep the night before – you know me well!) and an early start. As the sun rose we were on our way to the local train station in a bit of a daze. 

Getting us all up, dressed (dubious) and out of the house on time, quite the challenge but soon enough we were at the train station and getting breakfast.



The train to Kings Cross was packed but the views across the fens as the sun rose through the fog made for a stunning trip.

From Kings cross a small trip on the tube to Islington. 

With a trip to London on the cards I had of course checked out the closest cache to the event. 

A multi which required some numbers from Angel station, home of the longest escalator in the underground network.

After riding up on that very escalator we quickly located the numbers we needed and headed to the event.

My first event, in London and I know nobody. It’s scary stuff. 

Somewhat surprisingly I did make it through the door. Feeling very much like the new girl and desperately looking for a name badge of somebody who I might possibly ‘know’ from Twitter…. 

…Now where is the toilet 😉

There was however lots going on to ease us into the day. Plenty of brands to meet and talk to, activities for the girls to take part in and interesting talks throughout the day.

The lure however of chocolate was strong and the girls were soon checking out the Kinnerton stand. They got to try some lollipops and were both given an amazing advent calendar each. A frozen one with light up snowflakes and a Star Wars number complete with a glowing light saber. 

Needless to say they were thrilled, the perfect calendars for their personalities and it saves me a last minute shopping trip on November 31st. 😉 

I was surprised to learn that kinnerton offer guarenteed nut free chocolate, we aren’t personally affected but hugely important if nut allergy features in your family.

Both my girls love arts and crafts so were very keen to sign up for the Halloween art session with Lloyd Warbey from Art Attack on the Disney channel. During the session they got to make spooky Halloween lanterns.


For the girls this was the highlight of the day, they thoroughly enjoyed the session. 

For me a slightly more uncomfortable moment. My daughter casually fiddles with a label on my top. 

The moment of horror that you realise you are standing next to somebody from the TV, in a room full of  bloggers who are filming and photo taking like the professionals they are, and you have your top on inside out! 😳

Now really where is the toilet…..

Other things the girls enjoyed were making masala spice mix with Mini Nom Noms who have launched a range of guilt free, convenient meals for busy families…wonder if I can get a bulk discount 😉


Then there was the snow room! 

Ok the fake snow room, but how much fun?! Crystal holidays had set up a fantastic area for the kids to let off steam in the plastic snow. 

Throw on some ski wear and let the fun begin! 


We also got to meet the team behind Mini Hornit, a fab little accessory for your bike or scooters. Something that has gone straight to the top of the girl’s Christmas wish lists. 

Stopping for lunch we found a quiet corner and whilst the girls begged to eat their advent calendars, (as if, I’m currently winning at Christmas 😉 ) I set about working out the coordinates for the multi cache.

We spent our afternoon at the event mooching around and chucking chickens with Tractor Ted.  Eventually tiredness and sensory overload kicked in. 

Time to head home. We picked up a bulging goody bag full of treats for us all and made our way out onto the streets of London.

Once I got my bearings we were off in the direction of the cache final. 

Let’s just say it was an interesting one and I promise not to take caching in the countryside for granted ever again. 😉
One last ride on the Angel escalator and we were soon aboard a train destined for home. 

A chance to sit down and recharge our batteries and reflect on the day.

As my daughter loudly exclaims to a packed train; ‘Hey Mum, I’ve still got snow in my pants!’

I think it’s safe to say they had a good time. 😉

22 thoughts on “A trip to London for the Family Playtime event

  1. Loved reading this and it sounds like you really enjoyed yourselves despite having your top inside out. Bit like the last posh funeral we went to; hubby looked really smart in his city coat and suit. Then he took his coat off at the wake and his jacket and trousers didn’t match!!

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    1. Oh no!
      Glad it’s not just me though 😉
      Honestly though I get dressed perfectly competently every single day, except for the one when I’m chatting with a dude off the telly. *facepalm*


  2. Looks like you all had a really good day out. What fun I could have cycling on the canal armed with one of those mini Hornits.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha! Get out of my way or I will unleash my dinosaur/elephant/fart sound. 😉
      We’ve been given one to play with. It’s fantastic.
      By play with I do of course really mean fight over… 😉

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  3. Haha, the top thing is amazing! That would be me, except I’d probably have my skirt tucked in my knickers too! What a fun looking day though, and anything with goody bags wins!

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  4. Wow that sounds like such a fun day out! If it helps in a HUGE meeting the other day that I was really privileged to attend I failed at drinking water and choked in front of everyone…luckily they were all very nice about it but I am blushing now thinking of it!!


  5. Wait….people have blogging events somewhere other than online? Like….in the real world? Wow! That’s awesome that you were invited! 🙂 you go girl! Sounds like you three had fun!!! Of course there HAD to be a cache in there! It wouldn’t be you otherwise! And the line at te end a lot having snow in her pants made me laugh out loud.

    People looked at me like I was crazy! Well…I am but still!

    I’ve missed your blogging!!!!

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      1. Well…since you are just coming off of holiday I can forgive you for not blogging and entertaining me! Hope it was awesome and can’t wait to read all about it

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  6. Argh, WordPress is hiding your posts again. Grrr. Well done for going, you’re very brave. It looks like your girls had a lovely day 🙂


    1. Pesky WordPress, oh well it’s not like you’ve missed much recently. 😉 Far too busy having fun.
      I love this comment, reading between the lines, I think that you too have read between the lines.

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