Petals In The Park

It would seem I made a few people cry with my last post.

It only seems fair that I follow up with a quick, positive update.

This weekend saw the much anticipated event that was Petals In The Park.

An ambitious event for a small charity. An event with high hopes to raise vital funds for an incredible service, whilst also raising awareness of the fantastic support that Petals charity offers.

Taking over Parker’s Piece in the very centre of Cambridge. People could hardly miss it! 

Amelia kicks off the fun

With a team of five Jazzercise instructors and 165 amazing participants there to join in, shake and shimmy for such a worthy cause.

Yes that is a giant giraffe jazzercising in the back row.

Four hours of Jazzercise as the sun shone, but they soldiered on determined to finish the challenge and even managed some pretty impressive whoop-whooping all the way through.


Marvin the moose, the mascot for Cambridge United football club even turned up. Clearly it was the place to be! 


The event a fantastic success. The atmosphere on Parker’s piece was incredible, the combined energy of 165 people doing something incredible for charity.

Even better the event raised;  drum roll please….

A current running total of £14,442! How incredible is that?!

Funding essential support which is life changing, potentially life saving. What an achievement!

Three fantastic fundraisers and one PetalsITP tweeter, her thumbs were exhausted! 😉

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  1. Such an amazing total, well done to everyone involved. (I have donated now, sorry it’s late. I was just waiting for some money to come in. The joy of freelancing :))

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